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Drip sequences!

Get in your subscribers’ inboxes at the perfect time and save yourself a whole lot of manual effort with Nutshell’s latest email automation tool.


CRM and email marketing that just works.

See how an all-in-one growth software tool gets your entire team on the same page.

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The right tools for the job

Sell smarter and close more deals

Starting at just $35/monthNutshell Pro  is our complete CRM and sales automation solution, designed to help sales teams of all sizes optimize their efforts and focus more of their time on building relationships. Nutshell Pro offers these exclusive power-ups…

Sales process automation
Automated personal email sequences
Funnel and Activity reports
One-click phone dialing, recording, and logging
Multiple sales pipelines
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One team, one tool

Email marketing made very, very easy

Nutshell Marketing seamlessly connects with your CRM data, so you can finally get your sellers and marketers on the same page.

Design and send marketing emails to thousands of contacts
Create highly targeted audiences based on your customer data
Automatically deliver drip sequences at the perfect moment
Track the impact of your marketing emails in real-time
Stop juggling multiple tools for sales and marketing
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Nutshell works where you work

Connect and centralize the tools you use to run your business. Nutshell natively integrates with G Suite and Microsoft Office email and calendars. It’s so easy you don’t need an IT department!

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What makes Nutshell different from other CRMs?

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