API documentation

Finding and Searching

The Nutshell API offers many find and search methods which your application can use to retrieve data.

Find vs. Search

The find* methods are used to query the Nutshell database for a set of results.

Some find methods (e.g., findAccountTypes) do not take query parameters; they simply return all possible entities according to the sorting and pagination options you specify. Other find methods (e.g., findAccounts) accept a query parameter. Each find method accepts a specific set of query keys; this is documented in detail in the API documentation for each method.

Some find methods can optionally retrieve stub entities for faster responses, but by default all find methods return full entities.

The search* methods are used to quickly find results matching a given search query string.

These search methods (e.g., searchContactsAndUsers) use the same high-performance search engine that Nutshell uses to power its find-as-you-type feature. The search methods always return stub entities for extremely fast results.

See the entities & relationships documentation for more information on stubs.


All find* methods use the same simple interface for pagination. Each method accepts four optional parameters which control pagination: orderBy, orderDirection, limit, and page.

orderBy is the column by which the search results should be sorted. Each find method has its own default (usually name) which is sensible for most queries.

orderDirection may be one of ASC or DESC. Default is ASC.

limit sets the number of results returned per page. Default is 50.

page sets the results page number. Default is 1.

If the page your application retrieves has fewer entities than the limit you sent with the query, you've retrieved the last page of results.

Find and Search Methods

The Nutshell database can be queried with any of these API methods:

  • findAccounts
  • findAccountTypes
  • findActivities
  • findActivityTypes
  • findCompetitors
  • findContacts
  • findDelays
  • findIndustries
  • findLead_Outcomes
  • findLeads
  • findMarkets
  • findMilestones
  • findOrigins
  • findProducts
  • findSettings
  • findSources
  • findTeams
  • findUsers
  • searchAccounts
  • searchCompetitors
  • searchContacts
  • searchContactsAndUsers
  • searchProducts
  • searchSources
  • searchUniversal
  • searchUsersAndTeams