7 signs it’s time to get a CRM [INFOGRAPHIC]

Every outbound sales team could benefit from a CRM solution—but some teams are more desperate than others. Take a look at our infographic to see if your need for CRM has reached an unhealthy level, and visit Nutshell.com/tour to see how we can help!

nutshell user friendly crm affordable crms capterra rankings awards

Nutshell named one of the most user-friendly and affordable CRMs by Capterra!

We’ve always prided ourselves on making CRM software that’s easy to learn, easy to adopt, and easy to afford—and now we have the awards to prove it.

nutshell new dashboard hero

Introducing a fresh take on the sales dashboard

We’re excited to announce the launch of Nutshell’s new sales dashboard, which puts the information that sales managers and reps care about most in one convenient place. With your feedback we’ll be making improvements to the dashboard over the next few weeks, so take a look and please let us know what you think about it!


Email marketing is alive and well. Here’s why.

What makes some email messages junk? And why do we click on others? Even more, what does it take for a marketing message to be so engaging that we pause and follow it to an online shop or to a brick-and-mortar business? Email marketing works. If you read no further, get this: marketers still find […]


How to Leverage your CRM for your Nonprofit

Today’s tech-savvy framework for contact management — or more commonly customer relationship management (CRM) — software makes it easier than ever for your nonprofit to reach more people and make a greater impact. A CRM can handle details, provide data-based insight, and reduce administrative fatigue to help you build authentic relationships. But are you getting the most […]


Five Traits of a Great Manager

“Would I rather be feared or loved? Easy, both. I want people to be afraid of how much they love me.” —Michael Scott, “The Office” The most important thing we can learn from Michael is that a great manager cares about the people on their team and wants to help them succeed. Unfortunately, according to Gallup, […]


How to Use CRM to Build Your Real Estate Empire

Real estate success hinges on relationships. You need to stay on top of your client’s details and deliver a tailor-made experience every time. You need to respond quickly and agilely anticipate trends, regardless of whether you’re an agent or broker in residential, commercial, construction, or industrial property real estate. That’s a lot to take on. […]


Must-have integrations to get the most out of your CRM

You probably don’t give much thought to data integration. Take your schedule, for example. Few of us rely on a paper calendar these days. Instead you integrate your agenda with your email accounts, sync it to your personal and professional calendars, and access it through all your digital devices. Integration among devices and schedules makes […]



Let’s face it…you can’t make it through a networking breakfast or an after-work mixer without hitting on the topic of customer relationship management, or CRM as we call it. (And if that’s not the case, you go to way cooler after-work mixers than I do). You’re drawn to the enthusiastic feedback of a successful business […]


6 ways to pump up your lead generation capabilities

There are lots of options for generating leads out there, especially for customers who don’t mind being treated like a number. But that’s not your style. The success of your business hinges on relationships. You’ve got loyal customers. They love your product. They love your personalized, consistent service. And they talk you up to their […]