No phone support? We have your back! June 29, 2015

Some companies choose to only offer email support to their customers. We don't fully understand it, so I'll explain why we think offering our customers a chance to call us is critically important.

6 tactics for delivering exceptional customer service June 24, 2015

Customer service is a powerful tool for both increasing customer retention, and acquiring new customers by creating loyal evangelists who will promote your business on your behalf.

Pay-to-play is a modern day tragedy June 23, 2015

A few days ago I sat down at my desk for my morning ritual: clean out the inbox. Soon enough I won’t have to deal with such nonsense. But for now I have to sift through the rubbish so I can focus on the most important tasks each day. On this particular morning I saw a message with the following subject...

A guide to Markdown June 17, 2015

As a small business owner, content creator, marketer, or community manager, knowing how to write markdown is a helpful skill to have. Writing in markdown will help you communicate more effectively by adding various styling elements to your content, without the need to learn traditional HTML or CSS.

New in Nutshell: June 2015 June 16, 2015

Read about how email templates make it easier to stay in touch, our rebooted search experience, faster tasks, and MailChimp improvements.

The toughest question you will ever ask your team June 16, 2015

Our leadership is embarking on one of those super snoozy, but seemingly required business necessities…Strategic Planning. As such, we were encouraged to think contemplate many questions, but one in particular was the most difficult to address.

Ultimate quick-start guide to social selling June 1, 2015

Did you know that 78 percent of salespeople using social media perform better than their peers? Learn how to use social channels like Twitter, LinkedIn, Quora and Reddit to prospect and sell.

Nutshell loves Owl's Brew June 1, 2015

This month we did something new and slightly different than usual: we sent out two hundred bottles of Owl's Brew (a tea for cocktails) to companies checking out Nutshell.

National Small Business Week May 8, 2015

Today wraps up National Small Business Week, a week dedicated to celebrating small businesses and the huge impact they have on our economy and the innovation they drive.

New in Nutshell: April 2015 May 7, 2015

Read about our new business card scanner, 30-day calendar and better notifications!