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We’re hard at work building a modern CRM. We typically release updates on a weekly basis, and the most notable new features are documented here. Follow this page and our Twitter feed for the latest updates. You can also subscribe to an RSS feed of updates.

October 17, 2016

New and improved dashboard

We recently released your new & improved dashboard in beta! Every part of your home and dashboard screen has been refined. We've added dozens of new tools to measure your business’s progress.

On the right side, you’ll find your activities, to-dos, and your company timeline. Your list of next actions has evolved to keep your data accessible with a focus on performance. Nutshell will quickly help you move your day along!

In the center, we’ve built a new card-based approach to putting the most important information front-and-center. You can showcase:

  • Leaderboards for sales and activities
  • Progress against quotas for teams and individuals
  • Snapshots of metrics like lead volume and sales
  • Summaries of saved lists: maybe you want to measure leads from a specific source, in a given stage, or assigned to a specific member of your team. Save a list, and add it to the dashboard
  • Pipeline snapshots, to understand lead value at each stage of your process

We have also streamlined our forms so you can quickly create a new lead, person, company, activity, or task.

Additional new features

We released some improvements to activity reporting for Nutshell Pro:

  • You can now report on activities by week, to match your quota setup.
  • We added an Export button to the activity report, allowing you to grab the raw list of activities and open them in Excel

Fixes and updates

  • For our Classic and Pro customers, we've added a simple delete button when editing multiple actions the sales process builder
  • Products are now sorted alphanumerically when adding to a lead
  • Cleaned up our UI for writing notes, logging an activity, or sending an email from a lead, company, or person timeline
  • Improved our company and people address parsing for some international locations
  • Improved the display of company types tabs on your companies list, evident if you have a lot of company types
  • The funnel report now filters faster
  • Restored a helpful link to the related companies or people after a merge
  • Tweaked our activity form to show related companies and people as the first options when adding participants
  • Fixed a bug that broke complex lead distribution for some customers' sales processes
  • Fixed a bug that prevented adding URLs with special characters to companies & people
  • Fixed a bug that prevented saving a copy of sales processes
  • Fixed a bug that prevented some trial customers from setting up their stages and sales processes
  • Fixed a bug that prevents companies & people with certain addresses from appearing on your map
  • Fixed a bug that was incorrectly categorizing unanswered Click-to-Call calls as voicemails
  • Fixed a bug that would incorrectly reset leads with skipped steps when editing a sales process
  • Fixed a bug where the back button would reset your companies, people, and leads lists instead of saving your view
  • Fixed a bug where typing within the Search Everything field was slow in Internet Explorer
  • Fixed a bug within our Google Calendar sync that could create duplicate Nutshell activities
  • Fixed a bug that left the notifications list stuck on loading in our iPhone and Android apps

September 20, 2016

New features

  • Added a current [day, week, month, quarter, year] filter for companies, people, and leads lists. Now, in the dashboard or list view, you can easily view a list such as leads closed this month.

Fixes and updates

  • Fixed a bug that presented incorrect total lead counts when viewing a list of leads obtained from the funnel report
  • Fixed a bug that incorrectly displayed lead movements in the funnel report if stages had been reordered

Beta dashboard fixes and updates

  • Added the ability to expand your activities and to do list pane to a wide view to simultaneously display your team's timeline
  • Added the ability to link to individual tasks and click on the created-task confirmation notification
  • Added a checkbox to the new activity form to mark the activity 'Important'
  • Renamed the 'funnel' card. Now it's called 'pipeline'; showing you a current snapshot of the number of open leads across your stages
  • Improved the style of activity participants, making it clear which participants are companies or people
  • Removed steps for closed or deleted leads that were appearing on dashboards
  • Fixed a bug that opened a leads list instead of a companies or people list when clicking on a list card
  • Fixed a bug that could prevent dashboard cards from re-ordering correctly
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the to do list's today, tomorrow, and future buttons from working on tall screens
  • Fixed an issue with IE 11 that cause steps and tasks titles to truncate improperly in the to do list
  • Fixed a visual bug when adding a fellow Nutshell teammate as an activity participant
  • Fixed a bug that would occasionally present the incorrect date in each day's section header on the to do list
  • Fixed a bug that broke the control+f keyboard shortcut for a universal page search
  • Fixed a bug that sorted activities out of chronological order
  • Fixed a bug that prevented you from navigating to a related person from a task on the dashboard
  • Fixed a visual bug that could make tasks appear twice in your to do list

September 9, 2016

Fixes and updates

  • Improved the functionality of the 'Retry' button on any email that failed to send, clarifying that Nutshell is attempting to resend the email after this button has been clicked

Beta dashboard fixes and updates

  • Streamlined your To Do list to make it easy to quickly see overdue and future items. It is also faster and more reliable. (Try scrolling continuously!)
  • Iterated on the design and prominence of the global Create button, making it clearer, quicker, and easier to create that new task/activity, add a new company/person, or open up a new lead
  • Fixed a bug that caused future tasks to appear in the overdue section
  • Fixed a bug on the sales metrics card that was incorrectly calculating week-to-date sales

August 30, 2016

New features

  • The leads list has been enhanced with summary numbers at the top showing total value, average value, average time open, and the win rate

Fixes and updates

  • Fixed a bug that prevented leads from being created for updated companies and people during a CSV import
  • Fixed the buttons to create new companies, people, or leads from an empty list in Firefox
  • Hovering over the funnel report section of leads added and advanced now shows the whole absolute numbers (e.g. 1.75k will display 1,748)

Beta dashboard fixes and updates

  • Your activities list will now update after deleting or logging an activity
  • Now, filter by activities flagged as Important on your dashboard

August 23, 2016

Fixes and updates

  • Disabled users are now grouped and sorted at the bottom of the list when viewing a list of users in a drop-down menu, e.g. when choosing an assignee filter when viewing a leads list

Beta dashboard fixes and updates

  • Future activities, tasks, and steps are shown broken out by day
  • Clicking on activity participants opens up their company, person, or lead page
  • Added an expandable section for overdue items on the activities & to dos list
  • Streamlined how a related company and person are created
  • Added canonical URLs that open the popups to create a new lead, company, person, task, or activity, e.g.

August 16, 2016

Fixes and updates

  • Fixed an issue that caused custom field dates in certain time zones to advance to the next day
  • Fixed an issue with the calculations of lead numbers and values in the funnel report when leads were advancing and regressing through the sales process
  • Fixed a bug in the lead lists that prevented lead names from sorting numerically
  • Fixed a bug in company, people, and lead lists that prevented numeric fields from sorting correctly
  • Added the ability to create a related company or person when creating a new company or person
  • Added sorting by job title when viewing a list of people
  • Added filtering by multiple choice decision custom fields
  • Beta dashboard: Fixed Safari layout issues
  • Beta dashboard: People and Companies are now available in List cards
  • Beta dashboard: Add filter to only display saved lists created by user (and ignore shared saved lists from teammates)

August 10, 2016

New features

Today, we’re releasing an open beta of Nutshell’s brand new, powerful dashboard!

The new dashboard combines the old Home and Dashboard screens into a single view where you can get more done. Customizable cards that provide easy visibility into your most important information like sales metrics and quotas are front and center. On the side you’ll find a streamlined to-do list and calendar to simplify your workflow.

Send your feedback to

Fixes and updates

  • Fixed a bug that led to some leads being double-counted in the funnel report's total numbers.
  • Adjusted the error handling and retry logic for emails throttled by Google.

August 2, 2016

Fixes and updates

  • CSV exports have been updated to include the proper 'company' and 'person' headers
  • API update: JSON-RPC API now includes the created-time attribute for companies, people, and leads
  • API update: HTTP POST/web form API now supports adding a market to the new lead

July 26, 2016

New features

  • The duration that an individual lead spent in each stage is now visible. To see the duration, hover over each completed stage on a lead's sales process. This builds upon the funnel report, which shows the average duration all leads have spent in each stage.

Fixes and updates

  • Fixed a bug that was causing some users' sales processes to take a long time to load
  • Fixed an issue that prevented some users from logging in via Google Apps
  • Fixed an issue with our example API code that prevented customers from making a proper SSL handshake

July 19, 2016

A note from the editor: We're bringing these updates back, one week at a time. We'll be publishing updates to this changelog (almost) every Tuesday. —Brian Kelly

New features

  • Lead outcome is now available as a column and filter. When viewing the leads list you can sort and filter on the specific reasons why a lead was lost or cancelled. This is helpful for quickly viewing your most common loss reasons.
  • Decision-type custom fields are now filterable in the leads, companies, and people lists.

Fixes and updates

  • 'No tags' filter on people lists now ignores any associated company tags
  • Fixed crash when searching for phone numbers and including the plus ("+") sign in your phone number search
  • Fixed bug that prevented some users from saving a save list of companies
  • Google resolved issues that prevented some users from accessing the Nutshell Gmail gadget (See incident report)
  • Fixed bug that prevented proper filtering of leads, companies or people while viewing the map

June 7, 2016 (Android update)

Fixes and updates

  • Fixed a bug that prevented a person or company from being auto-attached when creating a new lead from the person/company screen
  • Fixed several other bugs including visual regressions and crashes

June 2, 2016

Fixes and updates

  • Sales process steps that are skipped when jumping across stages are now properly marked as 'Skipped'
  • Made the Keep In Touch dashboard look better
  • Made improvements to web app typography

March 7, 2016

  • Better text for unnamed companies and people – while we can't condone this behavior, we'll no longer punish you for it!
  • Tasks can now be paginated in the API

March 2, 2016 (Android update)

  • Fix a bug that broke the back button on logout
  • Fix a bug with business card scanning and contact import permissions on Android M (6.0) devices
  • Additional minor bug fixes and improvements

February 24, 2016

  • No more confusing tag filtering! Nutshell no longer gives you the option to filter your companies by a "person-specific" tag, your people by a "company-specific" tag, etc.
  • Fixed a bug where our cool new Milestone carousel was incorrectly resetting when a step was checked off. Not cool, cool new Milestone carousel.
  • Fixed a bug where job titles would occasionally display incorrectly for some people.
  • Fixed a bug where Keep In Touch information didn't reset after navigating to the next follow-up.

February 18, 2016

The sales process section – which displays a lead's current milestone as well as what steps are necessary to move it along – is currently found below custom fields, activities, and tasks.

Finding this section always required scrolling. Many customers (including our sales team) have noted how important the sales process is to their use of Nutshell. Why not make this section more prominent?

We agreed.

Now the sales process section is front and center, and we've made it easier to see a lead's milestone at a glance. (Which might also be making way for the ability to use than 6 milestones! 😉)

We also included a couple of bug fixes:

  • Fix for incorrect timezones on Google Calendar-synced activities
  • Fix for territory information missing on the lead page

February 12, 2016

Surprise your loved ones this Valentine's Day with an easily filterable timeline for Leads, Companies, and People!

  • Added the ability to filter all timelines by user, team, and activity type.
  • Private, unshared emails will still never show up on timelines unless they're your own.

February 12, 2016

  • Fix a bug that was preventing some default custom date fields from being exported
  • Fix a bug that caused some deleted emails to still appear in the personal inbox

February 11, 2016

  • Fix a bug that caused the location filter on your list pages to break when ‘Any country’ was selected
  • Fix a bug that displayed disabled signatures in email templates

December 20, 2015 (iPhone update)

  • Restore custom fields on companies & people
  • Email view counts: When sending an email from Nutshell, you'll see a simple count of how many times the email has been viewed
  • Several minor bug fixes and behind-the-scenes improvements

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