See how this AI company ditched a time-wasting, big-name CRM and found a better way with Nutshell.

The Challenge

Brand value can be deceiving. Just ask the team at Clinc, a conversational AI platform that took an unfortunate detour into the world of Salesforce.

When Clinc’s sales team and customer base began expanding, the company quickly grew to the point where they needed a solution to manage their contacts. With Salesforce on their radar as the best-known solution in the CRM space, Clinc rolled the dice—signing a three-year contract with Salesforce in order to get a discount.

“Everything seemed to take more steps than it needed to take,” said Clinc CEO Jason Mars about his team’s experience using Salesforce. “And for the way that we work as a company, we want to be able to move fast.”

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As Clinc’s Head of Content Strategy and Marketing, Emma Furlong relies on her company’s CRM to log marketing-qualified leads and assign them to sales reps. Instead of making her job easier, Salesforce slowed her down. “Salesforce was so work-intensive,” Furlong says. “It took so much of my time.”

“When you’re working with a system and you have to do a lot of data entry, that almost disincentives folks from working with that platform,” adds Mars. (And as we know, lack of team adoption opens the door to dirty data, which eventually leads to abandonment of the CRM system altogether.)

The Solution

After searching for a much-needed alternative, Clinc discovered Nutshell and the team was amazed at how much easier it was to use.

“I think the biggest metric when assessing a CRM is how much time it can save each individual person that uses that platform, and with Nutshell it’s just huge—it blows Salesforce out of the water,” Furlong says.

The Clinc team are now happy Nutshell customers. They’re far less happy about still being on the hook for their Salesforce contract.

“Even though we’re not using product, we’re still paying Salesforce a really hefty price,” Mars explains. “One thing I like about Nutshell a lot is they have a very flexible and very reasonable pricing structure. You pay monthly, you pay for the number of users, and they don’t have these kinds of contracts that lock you in.”

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