How Viewabill reduced internal meetings and built team trust with Nutshell.

It’s Viewabill’s mission to make the legal industry as transparent as possible, by creating trust between attorneys and their clients.

Legal departments at Fortune 500 companies use Viewabill’s cloud-based software to monitor attorney billing in real time before the bill arrives. Their technology reports back how legal time is used as well as when the work was completed. Even law firms have adopted Viewabill’s software in order to better manage their timekeeping.

The Challenge

Yet, when it came to Viewabill managing its own client information, there wasn’t any transparency. Not only was their previous CRM software too costly, but it also created headaches for their sales, marketing, and support teams just to use it.

“We were bogged down by meetings,” says Adam Weiss, Director of Financial Operations at Viewabill. “We held two-hour meetings weekly about how we were using the CRM, but it felt like nothing was getting done.”

Viewabill’s leadership wanted a more efficient, cost-effective CRM that allowed them to more effectively use the time spent in their customer relationship management software without feeling overwhelmed.

Ready to try something new, they reviewed a dozen CRM providers. In particular, Viewabill was looking for real-time statuses of leads, focused reporting, API support, compatibility with their current tools and an easier way to track all their information.

The Solution

Viewabill valued Nutshell’s personal, friendly approach from the very beginning.

Nutshell looked like a fun, cool, easy-to-learn technology. It didn’t seem like a chore to use every day.

Adam Weiss

Director of Financial Operations, Viewabill

“After the demo, we received a direct mail postcard from Nutshell,” says Weiss. “That kind of attention really stood out to us.”

Following a smooth transition from their existing CRM into Nutshell, Viewabill noticed an immediate improvement in their ability to communicate and stay organized.

“We love the transparency,” says Weiss. “Nutshell is where our company lives. We do everything in there.”

The Results

Viewabill uses Nutshell as its customer communication hub. Teams can now collaborate, view every interaction with potential clients, and communicate with legal departments and peers all in one place.

Viewabill relies on Nutshell’s keep-in-touch feature, which reminds them to reach out to annually-billed clients more often. Now Viewabill continues the conversation throughout the year, building relationships and contracts worth thousands of dollars.

And those weekly meetings? With full visibility of team and client communication on Nutshell, Viewabill spends more time with clients and less time in the conference room.

“We’re testing out more processes in Nutshell to see what succeeds,” says Weiss. “It’s exciting to grow with a company that values transparency as much as we do.”

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