The Nutshell brand

A few simple guidelines for design and display

A few simple rules

Thanks for your interest in Nutshell! We have a few guidelines for using Nutshell’s brand assets. Please play nice and follow them.

The Nutshell logo captures the precise and reliable qualities of the brand in a straight forward wordmark, symbol and tagline.

  • Please keep enough clearance space around Nutshell brand assets so they appear clean and uncluttered.
  • Nutshell brand assets should not be redrawn, digitally manipulated or altered.
Download brand assets

Logo usage

The logo only appears in the following three color variants — orange, grey and white. Any shading, other colors or color combinations must be avoided.

  • The preferred use of the logo is orange wordmark, warm grey tagline on a flat white background.
  • The logo should have good contrast with the background to ensure impact and accessibility.
  • The preferred position for the wordmark is top left, centering is also allowed.
  • Center aligning the brand symbol and tagline is preferred.

Brand colors

#EA9033 Pantone 124 U

#524E49 Pantone Black 3 U

#7D7670 Pantone Cool Gray 7 U