Close More Deals With Nutshell.

The CRM that lets you focus on people.

Close more deals with Nutshell

The CRM that lets you focus on people.

People should do people work, and tech should do tech work. I use this with my clients every day. Nutshell has become a critical app that we recommend to our clients, due to the fact that it embodies that very sentiment.

By recommending follow-ups, tracking hot leads, and acting as a virtual assistant to salespeople and businesses, people can do people work – engage in (real) conversation (hey bot, I see you), engage with prospects and customers, and build businesses, without the never ending Excel sheets and manual follow up systems that so many of us are spending needless time on (Opportunity Cost).

Leave the granular tracking to the CRM, and spend your time building relationships, building business, and becoming successful. Bonus – run analytics reports so you can clearly see things like seasonality and team productivity. Nutshell is great because it not only does all of this and more, but it is EASY to customize, which is saying a lot in CRM, has a ton of native features, and is an incredibly intuitive product. I’m a major fan!

Katherine Bunschoten
President & Founder, Certum Solutions

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