Nutshell vs.

Nutshell is a simple, powerful, and affordable CRM and sales automation platform that integrates with dozens of popular business software applications and offers the most  advanced pipeline automation tools on the market. 

Insightly provides an entry-level CRM bundled with project management tools, primarily for sole proprietors and micro-businesses.

Nutshell’s three main advantages over Insightly are:

  • Cost/value
  • Live technical support
  • Sales process capabilities

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The perfect blend of function and ease of use! I can’t believe how good Nutshell is!

Alan P. Skytop Business Loans

Nutshell vs. Insightly, head-to-head

Comparisons based on full-featured packages (Nutshell Pro and Insightly Professional)


I had initially decided Nutshell was more than I needed in terms of features and was going to go back to Insightly, which I had used before. That lasted about 60 seconds. Hands down, Nutshell is much easier to use.

Matthew R. California Retail Hardware Association

What people are saying about Nutshell’s customer

What people are saying about Insightly’s customer support*:

  • You all are fantastic! The support that you provided is the kind of thing that keeps us staying with you guys and telling others about Nutshell. Greatly appreciate it.

    — Scott M., KyrusTech

  • Slow and very unhelpful customer service…There is no number to call, and if you need help you can only speak with a general customer support member by scheduling a call, and only after expressing dissatisfaction…There is no one to call to walk you through something if needed.

    — Elysha, CodeCraft School of Technology

  • The customer service has been great. Not only are they quick to respond, but it’s nice to know they take their users’ suggestions and implement them if they are an improvement to the product.

    — Michelle M., Statewide Aquastore, Inc.

  • There’s no implementation, there’s no importing databases for you, there’s no connecting the networks…there’s essentially a rep who points you to the right YouTube video once you have a question or an issue…It’s a business model that is set up to automate everything so you never have support the customer afterwards. Good luck if you want to talk to a real person on the phone.

    — John L., Loberg Construction

  • One thing that keeps us using Nutshell is the support you guys provide. The follow-up on issues, and always listening to the customers’ needs and requests is above and beyond.

    — Rob D., Vega Consulting Group

  • [Insightly’s] customer service doesn’t seem well informed to deal with anything beyond the most basic of questions.

    — Rion,

*All review quotes posted on in 2017.

#madprops: Real quotes from real Nutshell customers

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