17 CRM Stats That Sales Professionals Need to Know

The numbers don’t lie—adopting a customer relationship management platform (CRM) can create game-changing results for small business sales teams.

But what impact can a CRM make on your organization’s sales revenue and efficiency? If you’re thinking about investing in a CRM for your sales team, these CRM stats pulled from independent research studies might convince you to take the plunge.

1) The average return on investment for CRM is $8.71 for every dollar spent. (source: Nucleus Research)


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2) Effective sales organizations are 81% more likely to be practicing consistent usage of a CRM or other system of record. (source: Aberdeen Group)

3) The average CRM user adoption among sales professionals is 73% and the average ROI period is 13 months. (source: G2’s CRM Software Research, Summer 2019 Grid® Report for CRM)

4) 48% of companies report that improving their CRM sales funnel is one of their top sales priorities this year. (source: Adam Enfroy)

5) 22% of salespeople still don’t know what a CRM is. (source: HubSpot State of Inbound ‘16)

6) 40% of salespeople still use informal methods like spreadsheets and email programs to store customer data. (source: HubSpot State of Inbound ‘16)


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7) CRM applications can help increase sales by up to 29%, sales productivity by up to 34% and sales forecast accuracy by 42%. (source: Salesforce)

8) 74% of users said their CRM system gave them improved access to customer data. (source: Software Advice)

9) Data accessibility for salespeople shortens their sales cyclesby 8-14%. (source: Nucleus Research)

10) 65% of businesses adopt a CRMwithin their first five years. (source: Capterra)

11) Sales reps saw their productivity increaseby 26.4% when adding social networking and mobile access to CRM applications (source: Nucleus Research)

12) 81% of CRM users access their CRM using multiple types of devices, including laptops, desktops, smartphones, and tablets. (source: Software Advice)

13) 24% more sales reps achieve annual sales quota with mobile access to their CRM. (source: Aberdeen Group)

14) 47% of polled CRM users said that their CRM had a significant impact oncustomer retention, and an equal percentage said their CRM had a significant impact on customer satisfaction. (source: Capterra)

15) CRM users are most satisfied with the contact and account management that CRM systems provide, with an average user-satisfaction score of 88%. (source: G2’s CRM Software Research)

16) In a single year, the number of CRM products on G2’s websites went from 178 to 394, a 121.3% increase year over year. (source: G2’s CRM Grid)

17) According to G2 users, the average ROI for implementing a CRM software is 13 months. (source: G2’s CRM Grid)Of course, CRM stats only tell you part of the story. To see first-hand how a CRM platform can transform your sales effectiveness, try Nutshell’s award-winning CRM free for 14 days!

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