Sales Forecast Reports

Predict your revenue based on actual data

The most accurate way to forecast sales revenue

Nutshell builds beautiful sales forecast reports, with no configuration needed. As your team generates leads, Nutshell dynamically updates your forecast based on lead value. Don’t want leads with low confidence of winning to skew your forecast? Nutshell adjusts the pipeline based on confidence so that you’re looking at the most accurate sales forecast.

Plan ahead. Plan accordingly.

Understand your pipeline and forecasted revenue, then determine what needs to be done to hit your quotas. Whether you want a glance at pipeline value by milestone, or a deep dive into a table, Nutshell gives you the insights you need to plan ahead.

Segmentation for smarter decisions

Nutshell segments your forecast reports based on source, competitor and product. Wouldn’t it be great to know if one product accounts for 80 percent of your pipeline? Or that online ads are bringing in bigger leads? Nutshell brings powerful forecast segmentation to your small business.