API documentation

Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
oCAccountRenders an account
oCAccount_TypeRenders an account type
oCActivityRenders an activity
oCActivity_TypeRenders an activity type
oCAssignmentRenders an assignment
oCBackupRenders a backup
oCCompetitorRenders a competitor
oCContactRenders a contact
oCCoreCore API methods revealed via web services
oCDelayRenders a step delay
oCDelayApplicationRenders a delay application for a process step
oCEmailRenders an email
oCEntityAttributeRenders a custom field
oCIndustryRenders a industry
oCLeadRenders a lead
oCLead_AccountMapRenders a mapping between a lead and account
oCLead_CompetitorMapRenders a mapping between a lead and a competitor
oCLead_ContactMapRenders a mapping between a lead and a contact
oCLead_OutcomeRenders a lead outcome
oCLead_ProductMapRenders a mapping between a lead and a product
oCLead_SourceMapRenders a mapping between a lead and a source
oCMarketRenders a market
oCMilestoneRenders a milestone
oCNoteRenders a note
oCOriginRenders an origin
oCProcessRenders a process
oCProductRenders a product
oCProduct_PriceRenders a price for a product
oCSettingRenders a setting
oCSourceRenders a source
oCStepRenders a process step
oCStepChosenEntityRenders a chosen entity and/or field for a process step
oCStepTemplateRequirementRenders a process step requirement
oCTagRenders a tag
oCTaskRenders a task
oCTeamRenders a team
oCTerritoryRenders a territory
\CUserRenders a user