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Sales Tools and Advice

Verktygslåda för B2B-marknadsförare

From finding new lead channels to nailing your SEO game, this 47-page guide collects the best marketing tips ever published on the Nutshell blog.


Den kompletta guiden för att skriva MYCKET bättre säljmejl

Are your emails worth replying to? This guide collects 50+ pro tips for personalizing your sales emails (without being creepy), dodging the spam filter, following up with prospects, and nurturing your customers after the sale.


Spelboken Sälj för att vinna

Are your emails worth replying to? This guide collects 50+ pro tips for personalizing your sales emails (without being creepy), dodging the spam filter, following up with prospects, and nurturing Want to learn from the masters? Read these 55 expert tips from some of the world’s most highly regarded sales thought-leaders. customers after the sale.


Försäljningschefens överlevnadsguide

Vad utmärker en bra säljledare? Ladda ner den här guiden och få 70+ expertstrategier för att anställa, coacha och motivera ditt team.


Arbetsblad för försäljningsprocessen

Use our step-by-step worksheet to standardize the buying process for your company and lay out the key tasks and goals that your sales reps need to complete along the way. (Not a traditional “sales” team? Check out our pipeline worksheet for non-profits and our all-purpose pipeline worksheet for non-sellers.)


16 B2B Cold Email Templates From the Experts

We asked 16 sales and marketing experts for the best cold email templates that they’ve ever received or sent, and compiled them here for easy copy-and-pasting.


16 mallar för säljprocesser för B2B-pipelines

Oavsett om du bygger upp din första pipeline från grunden eller vill se över en befintlig process kommer dessa mallar för säljprocesser att ge dig en bra start.


101 idéer till uppgifter för alla säljprocesser

Tasks are recurring activities that your sales reps follow on every lead to keep their deals moving forward. Browse through our suggestions and grab the ones that best fit the way your team sells.


Hur du värmer upp din kalla uppsökande verksamhet (exempel på kampanj)

Prospects är mycket mer benägna att köpa när de har hört talas om dig tidigare. Den här steg-för-steg-mallen för utgående kampanjer visar hur du kommer in på dina kontakters radar innan du börjar ringa.



No “celebrity influencers.” No filler. The speakers and sessions at BOUNDLESS 2021 offered highly practical strategies to overcome the resistance of the current moment and create your own blueprint for success.



Ready to go “Above and Beyond” for your buyers? Watch BOUNDLESS 2020 for game-changing strategies on how to overdeliver at every stage of the funnel, presented by an all-star lineup of sales, marketing, and customer retention experts. Catch up on the world’s best virtual conference right here.



Featuring keynote presentations by world-class sales coaches and CRM pro tips from Nutshell’s own leadership team, BOUNDLESS is a virtual conference designed to advance your skills in the art and science of selling. If you missed the live broadcast, fear not: We’ve put all the session recordings in a secret playlist on YouTube.


CRM Resources

Behöver mitt företag CRM?

Download this PDF guide to learn what CRM is, whether or not your business is ready for it, and the eight factors you need to consider before selecting a CRM platform.


Arbetsblad för jämförelse av CRM

Use our interactive checklist to compare Nutshell with your current contact management solution and any other CRMs you’re evaluating.


Nutshell Resources

Making the Case for Nutshell

Need to convince your boss or team members that Nutshell is the right choice? This presentation deck contains everything they’ll need to know, from the product benefits and price to the four things Nutshell offers that other CRMs don’t.


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