Meaningful realtime metrics

Nutshell’s dashboard is an insight into your business.

Watch a live-updating feed of your team’s email, activities, and incoming leads. Review the sales pipeline, find your high-value customers, and compare against historic numbers.

Intelligent task management

Create and assign simple tasks or build detailed sales processes so leads automatically assign tasks.

Activities and tasks will automatically appear in Google Calendar and Google Tasks – keeping everything nicely in sync.

Organise your customers and leads

Beautiful representations of the companies and people you do business with. Get a birds-eye view, local weather, and current time for a quick review.

Smart search

Get to the right place faster with typo-proof search, anywhere in Nutshell.

Simple email tracking

BCC your emails to to track conversations with your customers. No complicated address to remember.

You can also send emails directly from Nutshell – no need to jump to Gmail or your mail client.

Nutshell timelines are an easy-to-browse tool for reviewing the communications your company has with your customers.

Helpful notifications

Mention other users in Nutshell to call their attention to important notes and activities. They’ll get an email or iPhone notification. It’s a powerful way to bring attention into specific notes and activities

You can also get notifications on new leads, wins, upcoming activities, changes to specific leads, and more.

Never miss a meeting

Sync Nutshell activities to Google Calendar and Microsoft Exchange. Add teammates to the activity and they’ll get an invitation, too.

Track pipeline and sales

Get powerful data on your company’s health, without building complex reports.

And when you need more information, you can compare periods, add filters or create completely customized reports.

Review activity and effort

Check out your team’s progress in activity reports.

Create benchmarks for activities and emails. Aggregate results into company-wide totals, and find your outstanding team members.


Manage unique data important to your business. Create, store and sort by custom fields. Use our open APIs to integrate data from other systems into Nutshell.

Take Nutshell anywhere

Nutshell’s native Android and iPhone apps are a seamless part of the Nutshell experience.

Access your entire collection of contacts and accounts from the road -- with rapid find-as-you-type search.

Log meetings and phone calls without opening up a laptop.

In good company

Integrate with Google Apps, MailChimp, Wufoo, Zendesk, Olark and more.

If you communicate with your customers via Zendesk or Olark, those conversations automatically appear in Nutshell.

Use Wufoo to add a simple form to your website that adds leads and contacts to Nutshell.

Connect to your company's Google Apps account to automatically ingest email you send and recieve and to use a Nutshell gadget in Google mail.

Open API access

Use JSON-RPC or SOAP to access and manipulate all your data, at no extra cost.