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Nutshell CRM

Reviews, Case Studies & Testimonials

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Amanda B. is a Project manager and gave a 5 star review
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Customer Case Studies

Success stories from businesses that have leveraged Nutshell’s CRM and sales automation platform to stay organized, capture more opportunities, and drive revenue growth.

a man stands in front of a sign that says Sky Spec


Nutshell streamlined SkySpecs’ operations, optimized their sales process, and elevated customer satisfaction, all while simplifying their journey in the automated inspection industry.

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a man sitting on steps holding a brown leather bag
Retail & Ecommerce

Brother’s Leather Supply

Michigan-based leather goods brand that was running on spreadsheets for over a year. See how they found Nutshell and achieved 40% month-over-month growth.

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a photo of two men smiling next to a photo of a woman between two cannabis plants
Professional Services


This California based start-up is giving lesser known cannabis brands a boost before the floodgates of legalization make way for Big canna-Business.

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a picture of a man wearing a blue hat next a pcture of a woman standing with a microphone in her hand
Professional Services


Discover how Nutshell CRM empowered NEW, a nonprofit consulting firm dedicated to helping mission-driven organizations achieve their visions. Learn how Nutshell CRM addressed their challenges and transformed their operations, leading to enhanced efficiency and impact.

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a girl playing a ukulele and a girl playing an accordion

Eclectic Music

In the face of unprecedented challenges brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, Eclectic Music, an Atlanta-based music school, needed a solution to keep their business afloat. This case study showcases how Nutshell helped Eclectic Music adapt to the changing landscape and achieve remarkable results.

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a picture of three people in an art museum next to a picture of two men sitting on a sofa with a dog
Retail & Ecommerce

Superfine! Art Fair

Superfine!’s one-of-a-kind art fairs help contemporary artists get their work in front of motivated art-buyers, not just browsers.

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a book called McSweeney's Twenty-First Anniversary Issue next to a book called Keep Scrolling Till You Feel Something


Learn how Nutshell is helping the acclaimed publishing house “start a new chapter” as it transitions into a non-profit.

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a group of people are posing for a picture next to a picture of a person holding a syringe
Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals


Offering a practical alternative to animal testing, Genoskin is on the verge of massive growth—and they’re using Nutshell to keep everything in line.

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a book by Wayne D. McFarland titled "you're an author"
Retail & Ecommerce

Wayne McFarland

Learn how this two-time author used Nutshell as a key element in driving awareness and sales for his book.

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the outside of Caffe Umbria with people sitting outside

Caffe Umbria

Nutshell allows Caffè Umbria to communicate with customers and peers all in one place.

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a black and orange logo for The CyberWire

The Cyberwire

“The more information we put into Nutshell, the more valuable it becomes.”

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a photo of a local food guide next to a photo of a group of women
Professional Services

Taste the Local Difference

TLD is changing the culture around local food by promoting the importance of buying and sourcing locally.

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a group of people sitting in front of a brick wall


Bloomerang relies on Nutshell to help nonprofits grow.

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