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Nutshell’s features make it easier to:

  • Automate your work flow and reduce manual tasks
  • Centralize your customer data & manage your pipelines
  • Communicate with your customers & collaborate with your team
  • Fill Nutshell with data and inform your marketing strategies
  • Get free and helpful support

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Intuitive Sales Automation

  • Automate your sales process
  • Reduce time wasting tasks
  • Customize your pipeline triggers
  • Put your email outreach on autopilot

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Insightful Reporting

  • Easy to customize reports
  • Measure your performance
  • Pinpoint areas for improvement
  • Download presentation-ready charts

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Efficient Email

  • Send more emails in less time
  • Automate personal email sequences
  • Use Nutshell’s pre-built email templates
  • Sync your email with Nutshell to avoid manual notes entry
  • Native marketing software integrations

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Intelligent Forms

  • Collect leads directly from your website
  • Design and embed in a few minutes
  • Customer data entered into Nutshell automatically
  • Know what marketing efforts bring in the best leads/sales

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Clear Team Collaboration

  • Get everyone on the same page
  • See who’s talking to your customers outside of the sales team
  • Stay notified of everything that needs your attention
  • Keep conversations front and center
  • Mobile alerts to keep you in the loop when you’re on the go

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Simplified Contact Management

  • Easily find every contact, customer and conversation
  • Nutshell is your company’s central repository for customer knowledge
  • Use Pinned Notes to keep the most important information on the top of a customer profile
  • Store all your contact details, call notes and email conversations in one place for your entire team to access


Practical Pipeline Management

  • View and track all leads
  • 4 different ways to view and manager your pipelines
  • List view, Map view, Chart view and Board view
  • Save filtered views and share with your team


Informative Lead Attribution

  • See which marketing efforts drive the best prospects
  • Improve your marketing efforts with closed lead data
  • Easy to filter reports to view leads from each marketing channel
  • Completely automated when using Nutshell Forms or Nutshell Analytics


Attribution report in Nutshell

A CRM with built in

Email Marketing

  • Use our templates or easily design your own
  • Send Newsletters, Broadcasts, Drip sequences or all of the above
  • Create an audience for your email in a snap
  • Automatically trigger multi-email drip sequences
  • Built-in reporting to track the success of each email
  • Send 150 emails per month, absolutely free (add-on cost for more than 150 emails per month)


Free Customer Support

Get answers from real (awesome) human beings. Our friendly Ann Arbor-based Support team is available to:

  • Provide tips and technical assistance
  • Assist and answer questions through live chat and email
  • Help any customer, no matter your plan
  • Offer support to customers in a Free Trial
  • Be there for you at no added cost


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