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Nutshell is super user-friendly and intuitive

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Easy to use and... wait for it ... 100% buy in!

Nutshell is both simple and powerful

CRM Web Form Builder

Instantly Add Data to Your CRM With our Web Form Builder

Easily capture customer information and automatically create new contacts and leads in your CRM with Nutshell Forms.

Or use Connected Forms to bring in new form submissions and skip the complicated integrations.

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Capture the information you need

Capturing a prospect’s name, phone number, and email address to your CRM are a good start. But what if you need your visitors to upload files, answer multiple choice questions, or expertly describe the sound of their cat’s cough? Nutshell’s perfectly customizable web form builder makes it possible.

Screenshot of Nutshell CRM web form builder interface


Manage new contacts automatically

Nutshell Forms can create new people, companies, and leads in your CRM, add tags to new contact records, and drop form-fillers into the email marketing audience of your choice—all without any manual effort from your team.


Add forms to your website with just two clicks

Don’t have a developer to wire up your form to your website? You don’t need one! Our easy-to-use CRM form builder will provide you with an embeddable code that can be easily copy-and-pasted into your site. Each form also includes a shareable URL that directs your customers to a hosted page where the form lives.

Nutshell CRM web form builder embeddable code and shareable URL screenshot


Track the effectiveness of each form

Wherever your form lives, Nutshell will automatically track how many visits your page gets, how many form submissions are received, and the conversion rate of page visits to form submissions. You’ll be able to view all these metrics right in your CRM.

Nutshell CRM web form builder engagement metrics screenshot

Turn form submissions into outreach lists in seconds

Segment and filter Nutshell form submission lists to send sales and marketing emails to all the right people, directly from your CRM.

Nutshell CRM form builder list segmentation and curation for targeted email marketing


Prevent spammy form submissions and protect your data

Add a captcha to your Nutshell forms to keep spam out of your lead and contact data. Choose from three form spam prevention settings in your Nutshell CRM form builder to customize your level of protection.

Nutshell CRM form builder security and captcha settings screenshot

Get an inside look at Nutshell Forms

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Connected forms

Connected forms uses Nutshell Analytics to track form submissions and connect the forms on your site to Nutshell. When new forms are submitted, Nutshell creates or updates your companies, people, and leads. Set up notifications about new form submissions to stay on top of what’s happening.

Get Three Marketing Seats—for Free

Want to get more of your marketing team access to Nutshell forms, but don’t want to pay for an entire CRM seat? If you have Nutshell Pro or above, you get three marketing-only seats in Nutshell—for absolutely free!

Marketing-only seats have access to everything under the Marketing section of Nutshell, including:

  • Nutshell Forms and Connected Forms
  • Nutshell Campaigns
  • Nutshell Analytics
  • Nutshell’s VisitorIQ and CompetitorIQ
  • Nutshell Landing Pages
  • Marketing Audiences

Get a powerful web form builder with the best next-action sales & marketing CRM

What is next-action sales?

Sales and marketing teams leveraging the best next-action-based sales CRM

Absolutely perfect CRM. Nutshell is the best on the market.

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Compare features by plan

Custom form designer Design simple web forms that capture customer information and automatically create new contacts and leads.

Collect leads from the forms already on your site

Copy-and-paste form embed codes

Shareable URLs for forms

Form performance tracking Nutshell automatically tracks page visits, form submissions, and conversion rate from all of the webpages where the form has been embedded.

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$16 per user per month

Up to 5 forms

Up to 5 forms

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$42 per user per month

Up to 10 forms

Up to 10 forms

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$52 per user per month

Up to 25 forms

Up to 25 forms

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$67 per user per month

Unlimited custom forms


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