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Nutshell is super user-friendly and intuitive

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Nutshell is both simple and powerful

CRM With Artificial Intelligence

Power Up Your Team’s Efficiency With Our AI-Enabled CRM

Streamline daily processes using the generative power of AI in Nutshell. Unlock Nutshell’s AI capabilities to simplify sales activities and open up a world of possibilities.
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Sort through years of records with timeline summarization

With powerful AI in your Nutshell app, you’ll never have to sift through years of notes on your customers again. Get a quick and accurate summary of your People, Company, and Lead timelines with timeline summarization, complete with your frequent talking points, a summary of your interactions, and potential conversation starters.

Get your team up to speed on Zoom calls with leads and customers

With Zoom transcriptions enabled, the AI in Nutshell will generate summarizations of your Zoom call transcriptions. Then, share the summaries with your team so everyone gets the relevant information they need to move the sale forward.

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Quickly take notes, compose emails, and more with Nutshell Notetaker

Use Nutshell’s voice-to-text tool to quickly take notes, collaborate with team members, and write emails—no typing required. Notetaker uses conversational AI to generate highly accurate text from your voice, so you can save time on routine tasks.

Work smarter with the Nutshell AI writing assistant in Nutshell Campaigns

Create perfect emails faster with our AI writing assistant available in Nutshell Campaigns. Do everything from checking your spelling and grammar to changing the tone and even translating email content to another language. All it takes is a couple of clicks and the AI in Nutshell does the rest.

Understand your contacts better with Nutshell Intelligence

Sit back and let the Nutshell’s AI make your People and Company records smarter than ever. Nutshell Intelligence gathers data on a single person or company from publicly available sources all across the internet, then filters it down so you can add or update your records. You can instantly get their job title, social media handles, and more!

Compare features by plan

Nutshell Campaigns email writing assistant Whether you are using your 150 free Campaigns emails per month or you are a paid subscriber, our AI writing assistant is here to help get you started with your emails.

People, Lead & Company timeline summarization Use AI to summarize long timelines to get the most important information front and center.

Zoom transcription summarization Nutshell’s native Zoom integration allows you to save and summarize your Zoom transcriptions so that no important detail goes missed.

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$16 per user per month
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2 per user per month

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$42 per user per month
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2 per user per month

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$52 per user per month
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50 per user per month

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$67 per user per month
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100 per user per month

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