Gmail and Google Calendar

Centralize your emails and calendar activities, and bring the power of Nutshell directly to your Gmail inbox.

Nutshell’s time-saving, productivity-boosting integrations with Gmail and Google Calendar let you work where you work without having to switch between applications. Want to get even more out of Nutshell’s Gmail integration? Learn more about the Nutshell for Gmail Chrome extension here.


  • Get organized: Sync your Gmail communications and Google calendar activities into Nutshell.
  • Focus: Conduct all your sales activities in the software of your choice.
  • Save time: Spend less of your day importing/exporting contacts and activities.

What it does

  • Connects your Google and Nutshell calendars and email
  • Adds a company or person to Nutshell directly from Gmail
  • Gives you a Single Sign-On with Google credentials, reducing the number of passwords you need to remember
  • Syncs and automatically updates Google events with Nutshell activities; sends email from Nutshell using Gmail

Additional Features in the Nutshell for Gmail Chrome Extension

  • Create contacts and tasks
  • View scheduled activities
  • Track communication timelines
  • Write notes
  • See which emails have been shared with your teammates in Nutshell
  • Share email threads and messages directly from Gmail, without having to forward or bcc them to Nutshell


You need a Nutshell account and you must be a Google Workspace customer for email and calendar (starting at $6 per user, per month).

Click here to set it up!

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