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We make software that helps businesses sell more.

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We make software that helps businesses sell more.

Nutshell is dedicated to helping small businesses grow their revenue and solving the most critical challenge of sales and marketing software: motivating teams to use it. We’re passionate about our customers’ success, and we love finding new ways to take the frustrations out of selling.

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Our Team

Meet the designers, engineers, support experts, dog-lovers, hula-hoopers, pilots, and kickboxers who make Nutshell an incredible place to work—even when we’re all working from home.

Andy Fowler - CEO and Co-founder of Nutshell

FAVORITE MODE OF TRANSPORTATION ‍‍Business: bicycle; Pleasure: Cessna

Andy Fowler
CEO, Co-founder

WHAT ENERGIZES ME IN THE WORKPLACE? ‍Helping people; wins big or small.

Andy Jensen
Head of Operations / Customer Success Strategist

Arjun Gupta
Software Engineer Intern


Brett Johnson
Lead Customer Support Specialist

Caroline Spurr
Board Advisor

Catelin Carey
Chief of Staff at WebFX

FAVORITE PARTY THEME Olympics-themed with games

Chris Cain
VP of Product Development

PET SITUATION I love to spoil my two dogs, Champ & Murphy

Christine Shontz
FP&A Analyst

Dan Siegman
Board Member

A SPECIAL TALENT OF MINE IS I’m an expert at coming up with scary stories by the campfire!

Drew White
Jr. Developer

I’M AN EXPERT AT ‍‍Jumping out of planes

Flavio daCosta
Principal Software Engineer

Gina Shuleski
Director of Product at WebFX

FAVORITE MODE OF TRANSPORTATION Any car older than 50 years.

Gustavo Bianco
VP of Sales and Customer Experience

GUILTY PLEASURE ‍Right now it’s goldfish and rum. It could be inflatable hot tubs, too.

Guy Suter
Co-founder and Chairman

FUN FACT I could eat spaghetti every day!

Hamida Bapoo
Delivery Lead


Ian Berry

GUILTY PLEASURE ‍Microwave breakfast sammies

James Lauerman
Customer Support Specialist


Jared Knotts
Lead Account Executive

Jennifer Hardy
Sr. Customer Success Strategist

Jeremy Lynch
Board Member

HOBBY I WISH I COULD LEARN European pastry making.

Jewell July
Copywriting Specialist

Karie Shearer
Co-Founder, WebFX

Katie Kelly
Chief Operating Officer at WebFX

Kelly Zarcone
Director of Interactive Services at WebFX

HOBBY I WISH I COUD LEARN ‍Raising livestock

Kendal Won
Software Engineer

ALWAYS DOWN FOR… Some Kart or Frisbee in the Diag!

Kevin Bonner
Software and Infrastructure Engineer

HIDDEN TALENT Writing indie rock basslines

Kevin Randolph
Internet Marketing Analyst

ALWAYS DOWN FOR… Pickleball and a round of golf

Landon Oliver
Product Designer

Larry Solomon
Board Member

Mary Shirey
VP of US & Global Talent Acquisition at WebFX

RECENT HOBBIES I AM INTO Kickboxing & mountain biking!

Mia Cardona
Customer Support Specialist

Natalie Knipp
Board Advisor

HIDDEN TALENT ‍I can do a backflip on a trampoline

Nico Figueroa
Software Engineer

HOBBY I WISH I COULD LEARN ‍Watercolor painting

Pam Sadler
Account Executive

FUN FACT: I love random roadtrips!

Paolo Hoyumpa
Customer Support Specialist

Pete Juratovic
Director of Strategic Partnerships at WebFX

FAVORITE US NATIONAL PARK Glacier National Park in Montana

Quincy Herrold
VP of Leadership Development

HOBBY I WISH I COULD LEARN: I’d love to learn how to play the drums!

Sam Poole
Copywriting Specialist

Scott Mumma
Chief Financial Officer at WebFX

RANDOM FACT ABOUT ME I know how to juggle!

Sean Divinagracia
Internet Marketing Specialist

Shane Jones
VP of Earned Media at WebFX

Simone Morgan
Copywriting Specialist

Tara Bryant
Board Member

Guilty Pleasure Movie Theatre Buttered Popcorn – I’m known to go to the theatre just to buy the popcorn without seeing a movie!

Tonya Kilgore
Sr Manager, Customer Success & Strategy

Trevin Shirey
VP, Business Development at WebFX

Tyler Bouldin
VP of Client Services at WebFX

William Craig
CEO & Co-Founder of WebFX

A LIFE GOAL OF MINE Carry Weird Al’s parody torch as Ill Will

Will Gordon
Director of Marketing

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206 E. Huron Street
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48104

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