Get automatic notifications on new leads, pipeline progress, and wins, directly in Slack.

If your team lives in Slack like we do, our latest automation is going to knock your socks off. Nutshell’s Slack integration lets you and your team keep tabs on your active leads within the Slack channels where you’re already communicating.


Accelerate your sales cycle: Get notified as soon as you receive new leads or when leads advance through your pipeline.

Work where you work: Stay informed and productive without having to constantly switch between Nutshell and Slack.

What it does

You can set up Nutshell’s Slack integration to:

  • Send notifications when new leads are created
  • Send notifications when leads advance to a specific pipeline stage
  • Send notifications when leads are won or lost

Our Slack integration also unfurls Nutshell links, so when you share a lead, company, or person link in Slack, we’ll display the most relevant details associated with it.


You need a paid Nutshell account and a Slack account (free trial available).

How to set up Nutshell’s Slack integration

  1. Go to Company Settings > Integrations in Nutshell
  2. Click Enable for the Slack integration
  3. Log into your Slack account
  4. Authorize permission (you’re giving Nutshell permission to post in certain channels and to include details from links that you share with your team)

To learn how to set up Slack notifications for when your leads are created, advanced, won, or lost, visit our Help Center.

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