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CRM 101

Nutshell Basics

New to the world of CRM? Learn about the core features of Nutshell in this weekly training session.

Sell smarter

Intro to Nutshell Pro

Get a full overview of our platform and learn how to get the most out of our advanced CRM features.


New Nutshell Admin Lunch & Learn

Fine-tune Nutshell for your business in these interactive group trainings.

Level up

Sales Automation Workshop

Create a custom, automated pipeline in Nutshell to kick your sales efforts into overdrive.

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Nutshell Campaigns

Nutshell Campaigns ‘First Look’

Design and send beautiful emails, immediately measure their impact, and turn subscribers into buyers.

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Many CRMs force you into one method or process, but Nutshell gives you choices that help you customize it to your company.

Matthew M. Dickson

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