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Salesforce vs. Copper

Are you struggling to choose between Salesforce and Copper as your customer relationship management (CRM) solution? Have no fear — we’re here to help. On this page, we’re examining the pros and cons of both platforms. Then, we’ll compare the two based on the top qualities of a good CRM. Stay tuned to learn more about how Salesforce and Copper match up!

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Salesforce vs. Copper comparison

Choosing a CRM for your business can be challenging, especially when there are so many options out there. Two popular options are Salesforce and Copper. If you’re on this page, you’re probably trying to choose between the two.

In the battle of Salesforce vs. Copper, which one reigns supreme? That’s the question we’re answering today. Keep reading to learn more about Salesforce and Copper’s pros and cons, then get a detailed look at how they stack up when it comes to the top qualities of great CRMs.

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Salesforce pros

Salesforce is one of the top CRMs on the market today because of advantages like:

  • Pricing variety: One of the advantages of Salesforce is its price variety. Salesforce has over 15 different plans ranging in price, giving you plenty of options to choose from.
  • Advanced features: Salesforce is an advanced platform with many features, especially as you enroll in their higher-priced plans.
  • Integration options: Salesforce offers over 2500 integration options, making it easy to connect with different data sources.

Salesforce cons

Salesforce also has its share of downsides, like:

  • Pricing: Wait, didn’t you just say Salesforce’s pricing was a pro? Yes — but while Salesforce’s pricing variety is a huge plus, the best plans are extremely expensive.
  • Data entry: When setting up a new CRM, part of that process is uploading your existing customer data. Unfortunately, with Salesforce, a lot of that has to be done manually.
  • Complex software: Salesforce’s platform is notoriously difficult to learn and navigate. It’s so challenging that many companies hire a Salesforce specialist to help them use it.

Copper pros

Coppers offers a lot of benefits to its users. Some of the pros of Copper include:

  • Google Workspace integration: If you’re an avid Google Suite user, you’re in luck. Copper places a huge emphasis on its integrations with Google Workspace, including Google Drive and Gmail.
  • Sales automation: Copper’s sales automation tools are excellent, with plenty of opportunities to set up personalized, intuitive workflows for your team.
  • Excellent reporting: Copper generates in-depth reports and offers comprehensive insights on customer data and sales forecasting.
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Copper cons

While Copper has a lot of qualities that make it a great CRM, it also comes with some disadvantages, like:

  • Technical glitches: Copper’s software has been known to be unreliable, with technical glitches often rendering features unavailable for periods. This can be a significant inconvenience for users.
  • Overcharging: One of Copper’s major downsides is its billing. If you decide to cancel your subscription, they often continue to bill you, making it a huge chore to cut ties with them.
  • Lack of data editing: Weirdly, Copper doesn’t really allow for data editing once you’ve migrated data to the platform, which can spell trouble if you spot any data inaccuracies.
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Salesforce vs. Copper comparison summary

Now that we’ve explored the pros and cons of Salesforce and Copper, let’s compare them based on important aspects of a great CRM. Check out the comparison summary in the table below, then scroll down to read about them in more detail.

Ease of use
Sales automation
$16-$79 per month
User-friendly, intuitive interface
Excellent reporting features, customization options
Extensive integration options
Yes, fully customizable
$25–$1000+ per month
Extremely difficult to learn
Excellent reporting features
2500+ integrations (native and API)
Yes, customization options available (but hard to implement)
$25–$129 per month
User-friendly, intuitive interface
Excellent reporting features
100+ integrations (including Google Workspace)
Yes, great customization options


First, let’s talk about pricing. When it comes to costs, both Salesforce and Copper offer a variety of plans for users. The key difference is that while Salesforce has more options available, those plans get increasingly expensive the more you want to upgrade, ranging from $25–$1000+ per month.

Meanwhile, Copper only ranges from $25–$129 per month, making it the winner when it comes to affordability.

Ease of use

Another category where Copper wins against Salesforce is ease of use. Copper is incredibly user-friendly and has an intuitive interface that’s easy to learn, whether you have experience using a CRM or not.

Salesforce doesn’t fare so well here, sporting a user interface that’s difficult to learn. Many users resort to hiring a Salesforce specialist to help them use the platform.

If you have the money and time to put in the work, Salesforce can be a great tool. But if you want something you can jump into with little to no issues, Copper is your golden ticket for user-friendliness.


If you were hoping Salesforce and Copper’s reporting capabilities would help you find a clear winner, you may be disappointed — both match up really well here. On the bright side, you can’t go wrong with either platform if reporting is a top priority for you.

Salesforce is incredibly comprehensive with its reporting and has multiple dashboards to track other information like conversations, emails, notes, and more.

Copper also gives users the tools they need to gather insights about their data. Copper allows brands to create custom reports and dashboards so they can track specific interactions and export data with ease.


Both platforms offer various integration options, but Salesforce takes the cake here with over 2500 integrations. From native integrations to API, users have plenty of opportunities to upload their existing data. Copper, on the other hand, only offers 100+ integrations.

While it still has tons of great integration opportunities (like Google Workspace), it doesn’t come close to Salesforce’s options.

Sales automation

Finally, let’s talk sales automation, an essential part of a great CRM. Automation tools can help you better manage your customer data and streamline your entire sales process.

With its advanced features, Salesforce has fantastic sales automation and customization capabilities to help you design and monitor workflows and sales pipelines. One note, though — Salesforce’s customization options can be hard to implement, according to many customers.

Also great with automation is Copper, whose user-focused interface makes it easy to customize workflows and manage pipelines. Copper can even connect to Zapier for increased automation capabilities.

Salesforce vs. Copper: Which one is better?

Now that we’ve completed our Salesforce and Copper comparison, it’s time to return to our original question: Which platform is better? The answer to this question comes down to what you’re looking for in a CRM.

If you’re looking for an easy-to-use CRM that’s not too pricey but still has a strong set of features, Copper could be your answer. On the other hand, if you’re looking for an advanced CRM with lots of features and integrations and don’t mind taking the time to learn a complex platform, you’re on the right track with Salesforce.

Again, the answer to Salesforce vs. Copper all comes down to what you want in a CRM (and what you don’t want). When you let your business needs guide your choice, you can’t go wrong.

Meet Nutshell, your Salesforce and Copper alternative

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