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Catch your buyers’ attention at every stage of the funnel with beautifully designed marketing emails.

Nutshell Marketing seamlessly connects to your CRM data so you can target custom audiences in a snap and manage all your outreach out of a single tool.

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Design eye-catching emails the easy way

Use one of our handy newsletter or one-off broadcast templates for inspiration, or build a message from scratch using our intuitive design tool.  Follow our email marketing pro tips to become an email marketing expert in no time.

Create laser-focused marketing audiences from your CRM contacts

Nutshell’s powerful filtering tools  allow you to create marketing lists based on any combination of attributes. Whether you want to market to your contacts by their geography, industry, or how long they’ve been a customer, Nutshell Marketing makes it not just possible, but shockingly easy.

You're not a clown—
stop juggling.

With your sales and marketing contacts in one system, powerful filtering tools you won't have to wire multiple tools together or hunt for email contacts among different platforms. (Finally, your sellers and marketers will be working off the same customer information!).

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Measure your impact

Is your audience picking up what you’re putting down? Track the engagement of every email  in Nutshell Marketing’s reporting dashboard, and see a quick list of everyone who opened, clicked, and bounced. (We’d like to see Fr*ddie the Ch*mp do that.)

Get the full picture of every relationship

Nutshell’s timelines show you every touch that your team has made with a buyer, and how your sales and marketing communications fit together in your overall nurturing strategy. That helps you avoid bombarding people with too many emails or sending them conflicting messages.

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Add your contacts to the right marketing lists automatically

If you’re a Nutshell Pro user, you will be able to send marketing emails automatically, based on lead stage. Don’t worry about adding new prospects to your nurturing drip. Nutshell does it so you don’t have to.

Send 150 emails per month…absolutely for free

All Nutshell customers have access to Nutshell Marketing and can send 150 delivered emails every month without a paid subscription. So jump in and start building the marketing emails of your dreams—it’s a little treat, on us.

Simple enough for any user.

Sophisticated enough for any business.

Find every contact, customer, and conversation
Automate your sales process
View and track your leads
Get everyone on the same page
Report on your performance

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