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The Best CRM For Home Service Companies

As a home services company, you rely on client relationships to bring in new contracts. It takes a strong foundation of great customer service to build a successful home service company, and a customer relationship management (CRM) platform is exactly the tool you need to provide a fantastic customer experience, streamline your sales process, and close more deals.

With robust features, an easy-to-use interface, and free support for all customers, Nutshell is the all-in-one CRM that helps home services companies like yours earn new clients and drive sales.


What CRM software can do for home service businesses

Before a potential client invests in services from your business, they need to be able to trust that you’ll provide high-quality work for their home or property. And part of winning the contract is optimizing every interaction to create the best possible customer experience.

A CRM platform is designed to help home service businesses like yours gain insight into customer relationships so you can send the right message at the right time to potential clients. CRMs also help with tasks like work order management, tracking service history, and even managing email marketing campaigns to stay engaged with your contacts.

And the best CRM software does so much more. Here are a few ways a CRM platform benefits home services companies:

Essential features for your home services CRM

While there are many CRMs available, they don’t all have the right blend of high-powered features for home services companies and world-class support at an affordable price. How do you know if a CRM is right for your business?

The best home services CRM is the one that provides features like contact management, sales automation, and team collaboration, plus fantastic support. And advanced CRM tools like an online meeting scheduler, web form builder, and email marketing platform give you the extra capabilities to generate more leads to fill your pipeline.

You get these features and so many more when you choose Nutshell as your CRM for home services. Whether you run a construction, landscaping and gardening, interior design, pool and spa maintenance, or roofing company, Nutshell has what your business needs to drive revenue:

Contact management to store, organize, and manage customer information

an activity dashboard of a lead in Nutshell

Having accurate customer data available to your team is crucial for developing a sales approach that works. When you can track a customer’s preferences, interests, and the last time you contacted them, you can nurture relationships to achieve the best possible results.

Nutshell acts as a central repository for all your client and lead data. Create comprehensive customer profiles that include more than just contact information—attach documents, use tags to group customers by characteristic, and get a complete timeline of all your interactions.

Nutshell’s contact management features let you:

  • Import customer data, calendar events, and emails from any source, or get expert help with our white glove import service.
  • Organize contacts along with their companies and potential sales so you never lose that one client’s phone number again.
  • Access your customers’ job history, invoices, contracts, addresses, and any crucial notes right from their page.
  • See the full history of every relationship and track every email, phone call, and more so you can send messages that hit home.
  • Make phone calls directly from Nutshell with unlimited click-to-call, and record calls for reference later.

Pipeline management and automation tools to give you oversight into your sales cycle

a screenshot of a demo pipeline for new customers on the Nutshell dashboard

Whether you’re in the office or on the job site, you need insight into your leads. Managing your sales pipeline can be challenging when juggling several projects, points of contact, and sales tasks.

Nutshell’s customizable pipelines make it easy to design a sales process that works for your team. Design pipelines according to your unique business needs,

Take a look at how Nutshell’s sales automation features help with lead and work order management:

  • Once you’ve won a contract, move the lead to an account management pipeline where you can track every stage a job moves through to completion.
  • Take the guesswork out of sales by providing your sales team with guidance on what actions to take at each stage of your pipeline.
  • Automatically move leads to the next stage once they meet your goals and requirements.
  • Set up personal emails that send automatically once leads enter a stage and shut off when a prospect replies.
  • See into your sales funnel to measure your pipeline’s health and determine where your process could improve.
  • Track client locations with a lead map view or use a more traditional board, list, or chart view.

Team collaboration tools to ensure everyone has what they need to close the deal

Sales collaboration software team collaboration screenshot

When it comes to client data management, the more collaboration, the better. Your team needs access to all the relevant information about your history with a customer so they can personalize their experience and build loyalty.

Nutshell makes it easy to share important information across your team so everyone can access the notes and conversations needed to nurture relationships.

With Nutshell’s team collaboration features, you can:

  • Create a single database as your source of truth for customer profiles, needs, behavior, communication history, and more.
  • Track every email clients have opened and each link they’ve clicked, then optimize your engagement strategy.
  • Get mobile, email, and in-app alerts for what’s happening in your CRM so you can respond quickly.

Email marketing to attract and retain your ideal customers

email automation

Before you can close the deal, you have to find the people who are most likely to need your services. Email marketing is a powerful tool for supporting your home services company’s outreach efforts.

Because Nutshell works hand-in-hand with our native email marketing solution, Nutshell Campaigns, you can access all your sales and marketing data from the same place. See into your customer relationships, then craft email marketing campaigns that will help you win more contracts. You can update customers on seasonal deals, new service offerings, and more.

With Nutshell Campaigns, you can:

  • Quickly create highly targeted marketing audiences from your CRM contacts to send the right message to the right group of people, whether current customers, people interested in specific services, or people you met at a trade show.
  • Automate your email campaigns to put your winning campaigns on autopilot.
  • Test your email campaign content to find the messaging that resonates most with your audience.
  • Track email engagement metrics like open and click rate.

Simple user interface to help your team get started

a Nutshell dashboard for the dunder mifflin company

However many features a new platform offers, it’s the most helpful for your team when it’s easy to use. If a CRM is too complicated, difficult to learn, or doesn’t offer good support services, it’ll end up underutilized.

Nutshell is designed to be simple enough for any user and sophisticated enough for any business. Several Nutshell features are fully customizable so that you can tailor the platform to your team’s unique needs. And with a helpful knowledge center and free customer support for all plans, our team is here to help you optimize your Nutshell account.

The Best Home Services Next-Action Sales & Marketing CRM

Nutshell is the best value for the money. The versatility and functionality make it a very easy and powerful product to use.

Mark M. Southwestern Scale Co.

I have used Act, Goldmine and Salesforce in the past, and I have found that Nutshell was the easiest to get started with and to set up custom fields. I would recommend Nutshell to others that are interested in an easy to learn and navigate CRM.

Craig C. Thermal-Tec

We left Hubspot for Nutshell because Hubspot was too complex. Nutshell makes software for humans.

Daniel H. EOS

When we were evaluating CRMs, the one deciding factor between Nutshell and Salesforce came down to spin up time and price. Nutshell wins on both counts (by a huge margin). Salesforce was 10 times as much per month for what we wanted.

Jason C. Arrow Container Corp

Get more from your CRM with integrations for service companies

As a home services provider, you likely streamline tasks using multiple tools and apps. Whether you need to manage contracts and proposals, make sales calls, or handle invoicing, CRM integrations keep all your data synced and updated across platforms.

Here are a few types of integrations Nutshell’s home services CRM provides:

  • Accounting integrations: Simplify job estimates, invoicing, and client profiles with accounting software like QuickBooks, FreshBooks, Sage Intacct, and Xero.
  • Lead generation integrations: For contractors, generating leads through marketing is critical for success. Nutshell integrates with lead generation tools like Google Ads, Google Analytics, Reply, Linkedin, and more.
  • Document management integrations: Keep track of crucial documents, like proposals, quotes, and contracts, right in your CRM. Nutshell integrates with Quickbooks, PandaDoc, Dropbox, and many more.
  • Help desk integrations: Providing excellent customer support is key for home services. Integrating Nutshell with help desk apps like Deskpro, LivePerson, Zendesk, and Intercom makes the most of every interaction your sales and support teams have with clients.
  • Email, calendar, and contact integrations: Centralize your email, calendar, and contact data by connecting Nutshell to tools like Gmail, Outlook, Google Drive, and more.
  • Web form integrations: Use integrations with JotForm, Gravity Forms, 123 FormBuilder, and more to instantly create new leads in Nutshell from web form submissions.
  • Social media integrations: With Nutshell’s social integrations, your team can stay connected with customers and build a brand that keeps them coming back. Integrate with top social media platforms like Instagram, X, Facebook, and more.
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Why use Nutshell CRM to build customer relationships?

For home services businesses, every interaction with a prospect or customer has the potential to strengthen loyalty, build trust, and lead to a closed deal. That’s why every interaction matters and why taking a strategic approach to customer interactions is vital.

With Nutshell, building customer relationships is simplified. You can empower your team with:

But don’t just take our word for it

Our customers have lots to say about our CRM software. Check out our customer stories to learn more about how Nutshell has helped companies just like you achieve and exceed their goals!

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All plans include unlimited CRM contacts, unlimited data storage, and technical support from real human beings.

Billed Annually
Billed Monthly
a logo for Nutshell Foundation with an orange acorn

Simple, flexible CRM that helps teams organize their contacts, leads, and conversations.

$16 per user per month

Included in all plans…

  • Unlimited Data, People, Company & Leads
  • Contact management and communication timelines
  • Email and calendar sync
  • Customizable single sales pipeline
  • Sales and lead reporting
  • Drag-and-drop pipeline board and interactive lead map
  • Embeddable web forms
  • Activity reminders
  • Free onboarding white glove imports
  • Free live support
  • And more
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a Nutshell Pro logo with an orange acorn on a blue background

CRM, sales automation, and advanced reporting to help your team maximize every opportunity.

$42 per user per month

Everything in Foundation, plus…

  • Sales automation
  • Multiple pipelines
  • Personal email sequences
  • Sales quotas and activity quotas
  • Full reporting suite, including Activity, Funnel, and Forecast reports
  • Click tracking notifications
  • Up to 5 Teams
  • Unlimited in-app phone dialing and recording
  • Connected form set up
  • And more
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Harness the power of artificial intelligence to improve efficiency, effectiveness and revenue in your CRM.

$52 per user per month

Everything in Pro, plus…

  • 50 AI timeline summarizations per user each month
  • Zoom transcription summarization
  • Click tracking notifications (also in Pro)
  • Connected form set up (also in Pro)
  • Unlimited in-app phone dialing and recording (also in Pro)
  • And more
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a blue and orange logo for Nutshell Enterprise

No limits. No caps. No breaking the bank. Our tier that gives your team the most firepower without costing a fortune.

$67 per user per month

Everything in Power AI, plus…

  • Unlimited pipelines and custom fields
  • 100 AI timeline summarizations per user each month
  • API support, Audit log, Changelog and read-only SQL access
  • Enterprise SSO, User/Group provisioning & other SCIM provisioning: Microsoft Azure & ADFS, Google Workspace SAML, Okta, Auth0, OneLogin, & PingFederate
  • Multiple currencies
  • Free scheduled phone support
  • Dedicated success strategist (5 user minimum)
  • And more
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When you choose Nutshell as your Home Services CRM, you have the option to partner with 500+ digital marketing experts to help drive leads to your sales team. Learn More

Improve customer satisfaction with the best home service CRM

Forging and strengthening customer relationships can be daunting for any business in the home services industry. It’s an ongoing process that requires continual learning and improvement to meet your goals.

With an easy-to-use and affordable CRM like Nutshell, closing more deals just got easier.
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