Ditch your spreadsheets

Ridiculously simple CRM

CRM doesn’t have to be scary. Nutshell is easy to use, affordable, and we’ll have your team up-and-running in days, not weeks.

    Take control of your contacts

    Nutshell puts all your business relationships in one place so important opportunities don’t get lost. Have a lot of contacts already? We’ll help you migrate them, free of charge.


    Never forget where you left off

    Communication timelines keep a record of your first touch, most recent conversation, and everything in between. No more digging through emails and hand-written notes to remember what you and your best client discussed last quarter.


    Stay on top of every opportunity

    Build a custom sales pipeline to get all your sellers on the same page and use our multiple lead views to find the status of any deal in seconds.


    The best value in CRM, period.

    Close your tabs—you don’t need ‘em

    Switching back-and-forth between software tools eats up your valuable time. Our two-way email sync and calendar sync with Gmail and Office 365 help you manage your workday from a single browser window.

    See all of Nutshell’s time-saving software integrations here.

    Become a master of sales emails

    From simple and shareable templates to powerful contact list filtering, Nutshell is a gold mine for sales pros who rely on email. Plus, every Nutshell customer can deliver 150 marketing emails per month even without a paid Nutshell Campaigns subscription.

    Sell smarter, out of the box

    Nutshell’s customizable sales report and new leads report help you track your team’s progress and find where your best opportunities are coming from. Slice and dice your data the way you want, and find actionable insights fast.

    Human support when you need it

    We could all use a little help sometimes. From the moment you start your free trial, you’ll have access to our famously friendly Michigan-based support team by email and live chat. Talk to you soon!

    Thousands of Powerful Integrations

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