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Nutshell is both simple and powerful

Inbound sales

Do your prospects make the first move? Learn how Nutshell’s inbound sales CRM turns more hand-raisers into paying customers.



Track leads by source

Inbound leads can come from a variety of sources. With Nutshell, you can create sources for your leads, see which ones are generating the most (and least) sales, and focus your efforts accordingly.


Join forces on important sales

Nutshell’s simple @-mentioning feature helps inbound teams close deals faster. By quickly looping in your marketing or technical support teams, you can provide your prospects with the right assistance at the right time.


Stop deals from slipping away

High-volume inbound organizations can quickly become swamped by new leads—which means valuable prospects can slip through the cracks. Nutshell offers four different ways to manage your pipeline, including an interactive Map view that lets you filter your leads by location, identify nearby contacts when you’re traveling, and get directions from Google Maps with one click.


Integrate with your favorite marketing software

Whether you’re collecting leads from website forms or nurturing prospects through email newsletters, Nutshell’s wide range of software integrations reduces the time your team spends on data entry by automatically syncing new contacts and communications into your CRM.

Powerful CRM for every budget.

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