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Looking for the best CRM for the healthcare industry? Check out Nutshell, an easy-to-use CRM that can help engage, retain, and acquire patients!


Why Nutshell makes an excellent CRM for healthcare

Engage, retain, and acquire customers with flexible customer relationship management (CRM) software.

Different healthcare organizations have different needs. One thing is clear, though: Whether your organization is a hospital, clinic, laboratory, or pharmaceutical company, it will benefit from using a healthcare CRM software.

To keep your customers and patients engaged, you must nurture your relationships with them. You also need to make sure that you’re offering unparalleled support to foster loyalty among current patients and customers.

Looking to gain new prospects? Sharpen your marketing and sales workflows, so you can close deals faster.

Whether you want to increase retention, gain new customers, or both, using a CRM for healthcare providers like Nutshell, which you can customize according to your needs, will help you achieve your goals.

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Keep your patients and customers engaged with Nutshell

Using a CRM for healthcare professionals can help healthcare organizations like yours nurture relationships with existing patients and customers in the following ways:

Understand your patients’ needs

Knowing your customers’ needs can help you build better relationships with them. With Nutshell’s contact management feature, you can have a secure hub for your patient and customer information, enabling you to immediately address their needs.

Your customer support representatives are also informed of patient history and past service tickets, so the patient interactions can pick up from where your customers left off.

Provide personalized experiences

Each healthcare patient or customer is different. That’s why it makes sense to provide personalized experiences to elevate your customer’s satisfaction. With an easy-to-use CRM for healthcare providers like Nutshell, you can send personalized emails to your customers through drip campaigns.

Drip campaigns help you build relationships with your patients. Engage them with useful content. Learn more about their needs through short surveys.

The more they engage with your organization, the more they’ll value your relationship. Thus, they’ll most likely be your repeat and loyal customers, and possibly referrers.

Gather feedback

Find out if your patients and customers are satisfied with your product or service. Nutshell’s email automation lets you reach out to patients to ask about their experience, making them feel valued. In addition, you’re getting valuable feedback so you can improve your services and keep your customers satisfied.

Acquire new patients and customers with Nutshell

Aside from nurturing relationships with current customers, Nutshell can help you streamline your sales process to acquire new prospects and patient information. Automate assigning leads and inquiries to your sales reps.

Set up reminders for your sales teams, so they don’t miss a step to nurture a lead into a customer. With Nutshell, you can also automate moving leads through your pipeline once they’ve met the goals you set. 

Want to help your team prioritize leads who are about to close? With Nutshell, you can mark hot leads, so sales reps can prioritize them.

Flexible pipeline management also aids your sales rep in managing their work using different views. The board view lets you drag and drop leads, and mark ones that are won, lost, or canceled. It also helps you monitor the overall health of your pipeline.

The list view is the traditional CRM view that lets you sort your leads by columns. If your organization has multiple sites and you want to quickly see where your leads are, the Map view comes in handy when using our healthcare CRM system. It can help you schedule meetings or activities surrounding your sites.

Want to quickly see trends by timeframe or quantity? Chart view shows you this information in an easy-to-digest graph.

How Could A CRM Help Your Business?

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Improve your team’s efficiency

One of the benefits of using a CRM in the healthcare industry is improving efficiency. Every organization has administrative tasks that can easily fall through the cracks. For healthcare companies, these tasks are important to deliver excellent customer experiences.

Tasks like billing, collaboration with doctors and other healthcare partners, and sending out reminders can have an impact on how happy your patients are with your service.

Customize your processes

With Nutshell’s sales automation, you can review your current sales processes and customize them for efficiency. You even empower your team by guiding them and setting up reminders at each stage of the process, so you’re setting them up for success.

Stop working in silos

The benefits of CRM in the healthcare industry don’t stop in acquiring and engaging customers. Your internal team members can also use it for collaboration.

Collaboration becomes a breeze with Nutshell. Save your team’s communications in Nutshell. Need help from another team member from another department? Tag them on Nutshell. They’ll get notified even through the mobile app, so they can jump in and take action.

Measure your success

Nutshell’s built-in analytics and reporting help you and your team measure your efforts, so you can identify what works and what needs improvement.

Our customers close over $7 Billion in sales each year with Nutshell!

Engage, retain, and acquire patients with Nutshell

An easy-to-use and flexible CRM for healthcare like Nutshell can help you foster loyalty among customers and acquire new patients.

Empower your team with efficient processes that help them succeed, make patients and customers happy, and close new deals. In case you need help with using Nutshell even during your trial period, we have a dedicated support team that you can contact via live chat or email. They’ll make sure you’re getting the most out of Nutshell.

Try Nutshell free for 14 days to see if it’s the CRM for your healthcare organization!

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