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Nutshell is super user-friendly and intuitive

I would highly recommend Nutshell

Easy to use and... wait for it ... 100% buy in!

Nutshell is both simple and powerful

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The CRM That Simplifies Contact Management

  • Contact management that is intuitive, not complicated
  • Email directly from Nutshell instead of constantly switching tabs
  • Free Live Support offered to all CRM users (even during your Free Trial)


Try Nutshell free for 14 days.


an activity dashboard of a lead in Nutshell
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Track all your communications with contacts in a single location.

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Save notes on your contacts so you never miss a detail.

Segment contacts by all kinds of characteristics to easily bulk edit and create email campaign lists.

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Create contact lists that dynamically update as new contacts meet your parameters.

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Easily import contact data — or let us handle it for you with FREE white glove imports during onboarding.

Trusted by over 3,000 businesses

More CRM Features to Enable Your Sales Team to Create Relationships

Nutshell provides all the CRM tools you need to close more deals.

Contact Management

a screenshot of a lead called Newing Industries Inc. in Nutshell CRM

Find every contact, customer, and conversation

Nutshell is your company’s central repository for customer knowledge. Store all your contact details, call notes, and email conversations in one place so everyone on your team can quickly access them.

Sales Automation

a screenshot of a Nutshell lead in the Researching stage of the sales pipeline

Automate your sales process

Design and execute an automated sales process that reduces time-wasting tasks and helps your reps know what to do at every moment. Specify the actions and follow-ups that need to happen from initial qualification through final negotiations, put your email outreach on autopilot, and accurately measure the impact of your efforts.


a screenshot of a sales report on the Nutshell dashboard showing the number of leads per month

Report on your performance

Nutshell’s easy-to-use, customizable reports  — including Sales, Forecast, Losses, Attribution, and more — give you at-a-glance insight into your business, so you can measure performance and pinpoint areas for improvement. Download presentation-ready charts and view “snapshots” of your business at different points in time so you can track progress.


a screenshot of Ann New's demo pipeline for new customers

Send more emails in less time

Whether you need to contact one prospect or a long list of them, Nutshell’s email templates, automated personal email sequences, and marketing software integrations help you stay at the top of your buyers’ inboxes with a fraction of the effort.


a screenshot of Nutshell Form Builder with a form that says "connect with our sales team"

Collect leads directly from your website

Give your customers a way to get in touch. Design and embed simple web forms, track their effectiveness, and reach out to form-fillers in a few clicks.

Team Collaboration

a phone using the Nutshell mobile app with a notification that says "I can help you, Charles Berry"

Unite your sales team

Need to get everyone on the same page? Nutshell lets you easily bring colleagues into the conversation, see who’s talking to your customers outside of the sales team, and stay notified of everything that needs your attention.

Pipeline Management

View and track your leads

Nutshell is the most flexible CRM for sales reps, offering four ways to view and manage your pipeline. List view, Map view, Chart view and Board view (drag-and-drop) let you decide how to work your deals, save views and share with your team.

Email Marketing

Turn your subscribers into buyers

With Nutshell Campaigns, you can send beautifully designed marketing emails to thousands of contacts at once, create custom audiences from your CRM data, and instantly track the impact of your messages.

Reviews from G2

a review of Nutshell by Steve C., CEO
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Amanda B. is a Project manager and gave a 5 star review
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Customer Review

Choose the best plan for your team

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Simple, flexible CRM that helps teams organize their contacts, leads, and conversations.

$16 per user per month

Included in all plans…

  • Unlimited data, people, company & lead storage
  • Contact management and communication timelines
  • Email and calendar sync
  • Customizable single sales pipeline
  • Free live support
  • And more
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a Nutshell Pro logo with an orange acorn on a blue background

CRM, sales automation, and advanced reporting to help your team maximize every opportunity.

$42 per user per month

Everything in Foundation, plus…

  • Sales automation
  • Multiple pipelines
  • Personal email sequences
  • Full reporting suite, including Activity, Funnel, and Forecast reports
  • And more
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Harness the power of Artificial Intelligence to improve efficiency, effectiveness and revenue in your CRM.

$52 per user per month

Everything in Pro, plus…

  • AI timeline summarization
  • Zoom transcription summarization
  • Click tracking & notifications (also in Pro)
  • Connected form set up (also in Pro)
  • Unlimited in-app phone dialing and recording (also in Pro)
  • And more
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No limits. No caps. No breaking the bank. Our tier that gives your team the most firepower without costing a fortune.

$67 per user per month

Everything in Power Ai, plus…

  • Unlimited pipelines and custom fields
  • 100 AI timeline summarizations per user each month
  • API support, Audit log, Changelog and Read-only SQL access
  • Enterprise SSO, User/Group provisioning & other SCIM provisioning: Microsoft Azure & ADFS, Google Workspace SAML, Okta, Auth0, OneLogin, & PingFederate
  • Dedicated success strategist (5 user minimum) & Free scheduled phone support
  • And more
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I love how easy Nutshell is to use. The product is very robust and cost effective. For us, this is a dream product because of the price, performance and customer support!
– John R., G2 Review