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The best marketing emails sent by Nutshell customers, vol. 2

Ashanté Clemons
Product Marketing Specialist, Nutshell
Ashanté Clemons
Product Marketing Specialist, Nutshell

Each week, our customers are sending over 250,000 emails with Nutshell Marketing, and those numbers continue to grow! 

A few months ago, we published the first installment of this series, highlighting Nutshell customers and the emails they created and sent using Nutshell Marketing

Since then, our customers have continued to craft attractive and engaging marketing emails, and have been sharing their success stories with us!

In no particular order, here are a few more of our favorite marketing emails composed by Nutshell customers recently, why we loved them so much, and the behind-the-scenes stories of their creation. 

Pets on Q

Pets on Q is a socially responsible animal media company that specializes in animal influencer partnerships and humane set work with animals. Pets on Q’s booking platform connects brands and influencers with a roster of animal celebrities, from the burliest highland cows to the tiniest froggies. The Pets on Q team even stars in a Netflix series called Pet Stars, which takes viewers deep into the world of animal social media influencers.  

As a company who works with animal influencers, we created this email to let the brands we work with know that TikTok is a new and upcoming tool for influencer marketing. With this knowledge, we also wanted to provide discounts to encourage sales for the holiday season! Lastly, we made sure to include urgency at the end to let our brands know that these influencers will book up!

Mary Kate Jankowski, Sales Specialist | Pets on Q

TikTok Holiday Special

Why we loved this one

I’ll probably go my entire life without needing to hire a TikTok animal influencer. And yet, every time the Pets on Q newsletter hits my inbox, I open it. I just like checking out the talent.

“It was an absolutely brilliant move to lead off their Halloween newsletter with Venus Two Face Cat, who just happens to be half-black and half-orange. (How festive!) Venus is followed by Linguini the Snake, but honestly, I don’t think Linguini could be scary if he tried.

Ben Goldstein, VP of Marketing at Nutshell

Animal Adventures in Music

Animal Adventures in Music is a music curriculum company with a developed music introductory program for children ages 2-6. Featured at music schools across North America and the U.K., the AAM program incorporates lessons on rhythm, note reading, and instrument introduction and exposure, all through dedicated one-to-one teaching, colorful workbook activities, and fun classroom games.

Technically, we launched March 2021, but we received so many leads we couldn't keep up with them, and had to go into hiding to recover and add more people to our team. Now we are ready re-launch–this email was the start of that, to remind our cold leads that we are still here!

Katie Bishop, Communications Manager | Animals Adventures in Music

Hello from Animal Adventures in Music!

Why we loved this one

This email is a masterclass on how to re-engage old leads. Let’s take it from the top…

• A fun, eye-catching hero image that reflects the brand
• A brief summary of what Animal Adventures in Music offers
• A photo-driven story about what an AAM lesson actually looks like
• A video in which AAM’s Co-Founder and Director answers frequently asked questions
• A very generous discount offer

By the end of the email, the reader has multiple reasons to get excited about Animal Adventures in Music all over again.

Ben Goldstein, VP of Marketing at Nutshell 

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Nutshell Marketing

Best Capital Funding

Best Capital Funding (or BCF Wholesale) is a service-oriented platform that offers a comprehensive line of residential mortgage products for brokers. 

This broadcast was created by Account Executive Evan Trickett and was targeted towards mortgage brokers—both active and inactive members of BCF, potential new customers, and company employees. Not only does this broadcast inform its intended audience about the programs and products that BCF offers, it also voices Evan’s knowledge and expertise in the industry.

Our company does not have a marketing department, which means I am the brand. People will do business with my organization because of my expertise and enthusiasm.

Nutshell Marketing templates are easy to create, and use an industry-standard HTML email builder. With it, I can utilize an integrated calendar scheduling tool as well as leverage videos. 

This email announcement from Nutshell Marketing is integrated with my [Nutshell] CRM and delivered 3K+ emails with a 23% open rate and 3.4% click rate!

Evan Trickett, Account Executive | Best Capital Funding

Will rates go up in Oct?

Why we loved this one

By using himself in the video thumbnails, I can see that Evan is the face behind Best Capital Funding and that builds a sense of trust. I also like the informal vibe of his videos. They’re a great example of putting out personalized content quickly and effectively. Bonus points for those in-video links to related content!

Rebekka Kuhn, Brand Design Lead at Nutshell

Paved to Pines

Paved To Pines is a small yet dynamic team that provides custom van and skoolie (school bus) conversions for all season off-roading. (Hashtag #vanlife!) Based out of Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, Paved to Pines works closely with customers on each conversion to turn dreams into reality, a welcoming contrast to the overpriced mass-manufactured campers with non-functional layouts.

The target audience for this blast was our lead prospects for bus conversions. A lot of people don’t know how good our work is until they see a big walkthrough, and this was our first video showcasing that! Nutshell Marketing has a quick and easy-to-use email builder, where I can make a repeatable template, and use it over and over for quick email blasts–cuts back on having to redesign my email templates. It’s a one-and-done!

Mitchell Rosko, Founder | Paved To Pines

Walter - Latest Build Walkthrough

Why we loved this one

You get a real sense of who Paved To Pines is from this email. Their brand aesthetic and voice transfer effortlessly between the overall email, the video featured within the email, and their website. Mitchell's joke about Googling for knowledge feels relatable and authentic—something that stays top of mind when creating my own content.

Ashante Clemons, Product Marketing Specialist at Nutshell

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