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The Best Marketing Emails Sent by Nutshell Customers, Vol. 1

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We wanted to showcase some of the ways our customers are expertly (and beautifully) using Nutshell Campaigns to reach audiences and drive business!

Since being launched earlier this year, we are seeing more and more Nutshell CRM email software customers using our email marketing platform Nutshell Campaigns to reach their audiences, measure engagement, and grow their business. Our customers are crafting attractive and engaging outreach content, and are sharing their success stories with us–and we’d like to share them with you!

In no particular order, here are some of the Nutshell marketing team’s favorite marketing emails composed by Nutshell customers from the past few weeks. We consider these some of the best of the best!

#1. Music Victoria

Music Victoria is an independent, not-for-profit, non-government organization, based out of Victoria, Australia. Music Victoria provides advocacy on behalf of the music industry, actively supports the development of the Victorian music community, and celebrates and promotes Victorian music. Music Victoria represents musicians, venues, music businesses, and music lovers across the contemporary music community in Victoria.

This newsletter educates subscribers on Music Victoria’s continued advocacy work, provides exposure opportunities for its members, provides advertising opportunities for the industry, informs the Victoria music community of opportunities such as grants and professional development.

Music Victoria Newsletter, July 2021

Why we loved this one

This is a great example of successfully extending the brand into email marketing. If I were to visit their website from this email, I’d see a very clear visual connection and that tells me I’m in the right place!

The use of the black and red text paired with black and white imagery is timeless and visually appealing. The right angle bracket used in headlines is a subtle nod to Music Victoria’s logo—another style choice that makes brand sense.

Rebekka Kuhn, Brand Design Lead at Nutshell

This is a great example of successfully extending the brand into email marketing.

This is the first Music Victoria newsletter edition to be created with Nutshell Campaigns. Big shout out to Music Victoria’s Marketing Manager, Francesca Chong, for this beautifully crafted newsletter!

#2. Lemonade

Lemonade represents Film, Experiential, VFX, and Animation Production Companies, serving brands and the advertising creative community in London, Amsterdam, and beyond. The Visionaries exclusively represents freelance commercial film directors within the Lemonade collective. The Visionaries champion talent, change, and diversity by bringing underrepresented directors and creators to the forefront.

This broadcast was created and targeted toward subscribed creative agencies and brands to raise awareness and excitement around the new talent available for freelance directing work that is currently being represented by Lemonade/The Visionaries.

The Visionaries Adds More Talent To The Roster

Why we loved this one

This is one of the coolest-looking marketing emails I’ve ever seen, period. Embedding a short GIF from each director’s past work not only gives Lemonade’s subscribers a sense of what these filmmakers are capable of, it also makes the email dynamic and visually interesting from start to finish. It’s like a miniature film festival in your inbox. Each GIF offers a glimpse into a world that I want to know more about..

— Ben Goldstein, VP of Marketing at Nutshell

It’s like a miniature film festival in your inbox.

#3. Global Travel Alliance

Global Travel Alliance is an educational organization focused on building bridges for student groups, changing lives and global perspectives through educational travel. This broadcast announcement was created for and targeted to middle school and high school educators with an interest in educational travel.

With this campaign, we wanted to capitalize on the enthusiasm surrounding the Olympics to get the attention of our prospects. Our goal was to either convince them to consider changing travel companies to come to us, or inspire them to connect with us to launch a new travel program.

We’re delighted to share that the campaign was successful!

Katie Conaway, Director of Marketing at Global Travel Alliance

Go for GOLD!

Why we loved this one

Obviously, the first thing that caught my attention was the wonderful animated GIF at the top of the email—that smiling planet, running along carrying the Olympic torch. It’s just so cheerful and fun, I could watch it all day. Plus, the GIF is under 300kb, which means the email still loads quickly and doesn’t eat up the recipient’s mobile data. 

“Referencing a big cultural event like the Olympics is a common tactic in email marketing, and it can feel inauthentic in the wrong hands. But I love the way that Global Travel Alliance uses the Olympics to speak to a pain point that their service solves. (‘Planning your annual travel program feel like an Olympic sport of its own?’) Anchoring your email to something that the reader is already thinking about, then relating that concept directly to your brand’s message…that’s gold-medal copywriting right there.

— Ben Goldstein, VP of Marketing at Nutshell

Are you or someone you know interested in educational travel? Reach out to the team at Global Travel Alliance!

#4. DART Range

DART is an innovative leader in the 3D community and continues to offer cutting-edge solutions in areas of virtual training and simulation and improve lives through education, preparation, and training. DART customers and subscribers are found across defense, law enforcement, and commercial sectors.

Our main target for this email was law enforcement officers. The goal of this email was to get the recipient to watch a 12 minute video about our product and hopefully schedule an online demo. Web traffic for the week the email was sent was up 400-600% and demo requests are on the rise.

David Avgikos, Digimation | DART Range

Eliminating the largest barrier to frequent training

Why we loved this one

This email is phenomenal, there’s so much to love about it. For one, the headings and bold text serve as a wonderful way to guide the readers’ eyes through the content. The writers clearly understand how emails are ‘skimmed.’ The entire email is posed as a question which is brilliant(!!!)—the title is in question form and the email itself reads like an article answering the question. For all intents and purposes, that question is ‘the right question to ask,’ as it gets right to the core of why their solution outshines the competitors.

And last but not least, the content is diverse enough to keep readers engaged, and includes pictures, bulleted lists, and clearly-defined narrative sections. The colors work, the buttons look great, the CTAs (calls-to-action: ‘watch the video’ and ‘schedule an online demo’) are relevant. This email just hits all the bullseyes!

Jack Virag, Content and SEO Strategist at Nutshell

#5. StayWell Insurance

StayWell Insurance offers health, home, and auto insurance to over 20,000 members in Guam and the CNMI.

StayWell Insurance believes that through health education, its members can better navigate the healthcare industry and take full advantage of the benefits that are built into their comprehensive health insurance products. The StayWell Marketing team works alongside the StayWell Health Management department to connect its members with critical resources on health education so that members are well-equipped to manage their health and improve their health outcomes––a collaboration resulting in the StayWell | BeWell Newsletter.

The StayWell | BeWell Newsletter is a monthly publication that features great articles on the latest national and international health trends.

StayWell | BeWell Newsletter, August 2021

Why we loved this one

This company has a lot of information for its email subscribers, and this newsletter does a great job of communicating it all in a digestible way! The layout almost resembles a newspaper or catalogue and includes a featured story (with a wonderful image), a section for upcoming events, and three mini features with pictures (a raffle, a class schedule, and a policy update).

The newsletter serves as a monthly update and truly has something for everybody, with relevant links and CTAs (calls-to-action) so that users can engage with whichever content speaks to them.

Jack Virag, Content and SEO Strategist at Nutshell

This company has a lot of information for its email subscribers, and this newsletter does a great job of communicating it all in a digestible way!

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