Nutshell’s Wrapping Up 2023

It’s the time of year when many of us spend time in reflection, thanksgiving, and preparation for the 365 days that lie ahead. This year was a busy one at Nutshell: we rolled out several big updates and enhancements to the CRM you know and love, celebrated one year of partnership with WebFX, and welcomed new people to our team who are shaping our future. 

As we wrap up 2023, take a look back at all the new features we’ve added this year: 

Pinned Notes

example of a pinned note in Nutshell

2023 started off with an update to your People, Company, and Lead timelines. The Pinned Notes feature keeps important details top of mind for everyone on your team. You can easily pin up to five notes to the top of a person, company, or lead’s timeline for future reference.

Lead Attribution

Lead Attribution

With lead attribution, we’ve taken the work out of finding out where your best leads come from. Using Nutshell Analytics, the lead attribution report shows you your most valuable channels and where you can improve. Identify which channels and sources provide all your leads and reveal how they stack up – then tailor your marketing strategy to get ahead.

The lead attribution report is available for Nutshell Pro customers and above.

Emails on Lead Timelines

Associating emails on the right lead timeline was a huge development in Nutshell this year. Your team can keep conversations organized and filter out email threads that aren’t relevant to specific leads by easily routing emails to the right project in Nutshell. 

Learn about the three ways to use the emails on lead timelines feature in this support article.

Company Enrichment 

The new Company Enrichment feature lets you quickly enhance company profiles for better decision-making. The feature pools updated data like industry, address, annual revenue, and contact information about your customers in your CRM so you can optimize your approach and strengthen relationships. 


Nutshell’s AppConnect is the solution for powering your daily workflows with all the CRM integrations you need. Our integration experts will set up, monitor, and maintain your mission-critical integrations based on your ApppConnect plan, working with you to connect your systems to Nutshell so you can focus on growing your business.


One of our most exciting rollouts this year was VisitorIQ, a new add-on built for even better lead generation. VisitorIQ empowers your sales team to proactively target the people and companies that are already interested in your products and services. See exactly who’s been visiting your website and which pages, plus learn valuable company and employee information like revenue, location, job titles, and contact details.

Audit Log

Audit log graphic with description

A new feature for those on Nutshell Enterprise plans, Audit Log gives administrators even greater visibility into their team’s actions in Nutshell. You can see all the actions team members have taken with company data, including exports and imports, logins, bulk edits, and more, to better track data management.

Native Zoom Integration

We also launched our native Zoom integration, making it easier for your team to work how they want. The integration automatically syncs Zoom meeting activity and attendee information to a contact’s timeline so everyone on your team can access those details and communicate more seamlessly with customers.

This integration is currently for Nutshell Pro customers and above.

Role-Based Access Controls

Creating custom user roles in Nutshell

This year also brought enhanced access controls to Nutshell admins with role-based access controls. Based on your Nutshell plan, you can create a certain number of customized roles and personalize permissions for different responsibilities. It’s one more way Nutshell gives you control over your CRM and data.

Email Report 

Email report in Nutshell

Just launched in November is the new email report, which makes it easy to track the emails your team sends and optimize results. Filter the report by email templates, teams, and users to find the exact information you need to measure the effectiveness of your outreach.  

This new feature also brought updates to how you organize and view your email templates in Nutshell.

Customized ‘Add new’ Dialogs

customizing add new fields in Nutshell

Our enhanced ‘Add new’ dialogs for people, companies, and leads allow you collect information about potential customers in a way that works best for you. You can now customize fields, reorder them, and set required fields to ensure your team is always gathering important information like email, address, or whatever other data you need to do your best work.

CompetitorIQ – Early Access

CompetitorIQ dashboard

CompetitorIQ is another add-on we were excited to introduce in 2023. With CompetitorIQ, you get access into your competitors’ website traffic to compare which channels are working best for them and identify areas for you to surge ahead. Refine your marketing strategy and drive greater success with this free add-on!

Revenue Booster 

Revenue Booster takes your company to even greater heights with a suite of features to save your team time every day. Revenue Booster brings exciting new features like:

  • Nutshell’s native appointment scheduling tool, Scheduler
  • Templated emails and email tracking with Email Booster (coming in early 2024)

Nutshell Scheduler 

This year, we’ve also brought you the ability to streamline your appointment scheduling process with Nutshell Scheduler, our native meeting scheduling tool that comes as part of the Revenue Booster plan. Create, manage, and invite people to your Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams meetings, all without leaving Nutshell. 

Nutshell Scheduler lets you: 

  • Configure meetings to you and your attendees’ needs
  • Collect information from attendees using Nutshell Forms
  • Automate meeting reminders
  • Cut down on your subscriptions


PowerAI is Nutshell’s artificial intelligence CRM, and it packs a punch when it comes to saving your team time and streamlining your workflows. PowerAI provides quick People, Company, and Lead timeline summarizations to show you the most important details of a customer relationship at a glance. You can also summarize Zoom meeting transcriptions to see and share what was covered in a meeting, keeping everyone in the loop.

Nutshell Enterprise 

Finally, this year we were proud to launch Nutshell Enterprise, our no-limits CRM. Built for larger teams or those that need advanced capabilities, Enterprise unlocks all the features of Foundation, Pro, and PowerAI, plus: 

  • Unlimited teams
  • Unlimited pipelines
  • Multiple currencies
  • Audit Log for team oversight
  • Ongoing white glove data imports
  • SQL Access for deep reporting and data warehousing
  • API support 
  • Free phone support
  • A dedicated success strategist

We’re excited for what’s ahead in 2024!

And as we reflect on everything we’ve accomplished this year, we know our customers are at the heart of it all. Your feedback has helped us drive success, and every enhancement we make to the Nutshell CRM is to help you and your teams sell more effectively so you can grow your business. 

So we’re ready to ring in the new year with new goals to continue making Nutshell the best CRM for our customers! Thank you for being here this year, and we look forward to what 2024 will bring!

(And to spread some holiday cheer, we’ve created our Nutshell Holidays playlist – give it a listen to hear our team’s favorite holiday songs!)


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