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Nutshell and WebFX Have Joined Forces!

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Big news—Nutshell has been acquired by WebFX as the next step to further the shared mission of both companies: growing revenue for B2B businesses by improving marketing, sales, and technology.

Since our launch in 2010, Nutshell has been laser-focused on helping B2B businesses get more efficient and grow their revenue.

That’s our mission; our reason for being. But we know that businesses need more than well-designed software to be successful. To grow, you need a CRM and email platform that is full of qualified leads.

In August, Nutshell agreed to be acquired by WebFX, a digital marketing agency that helps thousands of successful businesses generate the leads and revenue they need to achieve their goals.

With this partnership, we hope to make life even easier for our customers. In the past, B2B companies needed to juggle multiple sales and marketing tools to manage their pipeline, and outsource their SEO, digital advertising, and social media efforts to various agencies with different points of contact.

Now, you can invest in an end-to-end services and software solution that places everything you need to grow your business under one roof.

Why Nutshell + WebFX?

Here are a few reasons why we’re so excited about the shared future of Nutshell and WebFX.

Increased lead generation needs for SMBs

With the release of Nutshell Campaigns and Nutshell Forms, our team has put more thought into how our customers are finding new buyers. And along the way, we’ve noticed something: Many of our customers are either managing their marketing efforts in-house (and struggling to see results) or managing relationships with multiple marketing service providers that aren’t aligned with each other on strategy.

Shared future vision

Nutshell and WebFX go way back. WebFX has been a customer of Nutshell for the last decade. And before that, Nutshell co-founder Guy Suter and WebFX founder Bill Craig used to work out of the same tech incubator in Carlisle, PA. (Colorized photos not available at this time) Over time, visions for both companies merged into a singular focus: combine marketing services and software into a single unified solution that would save B2B businesses a lot of time, stress, and money. We share the same passion and start each day excited to bring world-class technology and revenue solutions to customers.

In August, we formalized our partnership and went on a little boat ride to celebrate. And now, we’re working together every day to make this new dream a reality.

Shared customer focus

WebFX has the same radical focus on serving customers that is part of our DNA at Nutshell. WebFX boasts over 1,000 reviews around the web from happy clients and, like Nutshell, believes success starts with strong customer relationships. We’re excited to collectively create more raving fans.

Visit our new marketing services page to learn more about the world-class digital marketing services offered by our pals at WebFX. We can promise that you’ll have the same great experience working with that team as you’ve had working with Nutshell’s support and success teams. (WebFXers are amazing people, and we wouldn’t be joining forces with them otherwise.)

What this means for the future

You might notice some interesting additions to the Nutshell product in the coming months. In addition to the timeline improvements and addition of two-factor authentication that were already on our product roadmap, our product team is working hard to bring the best parts of WebFX’s own marketing automation technology (aka MarketingCloudFX) into Nutshell. For example…

  • Lead source and attribution tracking showing you which content and web pages your buyers visited on their path to becoming a lead—and hopefully a customer. If you’ve ever fought with UTM parameters or struggled to understand where your best leads come from, we’ve got the answer for you. We’re calling it…Nutshell Analytics. Stay tuned.
  • CRM data activation. Leads old and new in your pipeline shouldn’t be stagnant. They offer valuable data points that not only help you nurture those leads through the sales funnel, but also identify and target other quality leads in the future. You can learn more about how to revive aged leads here.
  • Automated audiences for your email outreach. More easily target smaller segments of your contacts with hundreds of pre-populated, always up-to-date lists based on location, lead stage, demographic, and more.

All of these changes are intended to help you sell more effectively to your leads and close more of your deals faster, and we hope you enjoy them. (We’re also adding a “Nutshell Limitless” subscription tier to serve large and growing customers at a price point that’s far lower than our competitors.)

As for the experience of being a Nutshell customer, that won’t change. We won’t jack up our prices, we won’t drastically change the user experience of our software, and we’ll commit to providing you with the same level of friendly next-door-neighbor service that our company has become famous for.

Grow faster and smarter with Nutshell and WebFX!

If you’re interested in professional marketing services that will put your company’s revenue growth into high gear, please visit our marketing services page to learn more about what WebFX has to offer.

And you know what…how about we sweeten the deal? If you invest in any of WebFX’s digital marketing services, we’ll add 10 or more seats of Nutshell Pro to your account, absolutely free, for as long as you use their services.

Thanks so much for your continued support of Nutshell. All our success comes from customers like you, and we truly appreciate it. If you have further questions about this announcement, please email

Leave your marketing to the pros

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