How CRM Software Helps Inform Marketing Strategies

Want to learn how CRM software helps inform marketing strategies? Keep reading to find out.

Marketing is all about reaching the right audience with the right messaging. If you find yourself targeting the wrong people or addressing the wrong pain points, your marketing won’t be very effective or drive the sales and revenue your business needs.

That’s why it’s important to spend time crafting relevant campaigns for your ideal audience. Thankfully, there are plenty of tools to help you do that, including customer relationship management (CRM) platforms. The right CRM can provide a huge benefit to your marketing.

Just keep reading to learn how CRM software helps inform marketing strategies.

How CRM software helps inform marketing strategies

The main way CRM software informs marketing strategies is that it tells you exactly who your ideal customer profile (ICP) should be. An ICP is essentially a list of traits that match up with your ideal audience. Those traits could include demographic, geographic, and behavioral qualities.

When it comes to building an ICP, your CRM is the perfect resource. Using the first-party data you import about your audience, it can tell you exactly what kinds of people or companies are likely to buy from you. Plus, a CRM with lead attribution can help inform a more precise marketing return on investment (ROI).

Your CRM can tell you which marketing strategies are the most cost-effective, giving you info on how you can reallocate your marketing spend in more efficient ways to improve your ROI.

3 marketing benefits of CRMs

The marketing benefits of a CRM are endless, but several such CRM marketing benefits stand out from the crowd. We’re going to cover three of those benefits below.

1. CRMs help you personalize your campaigns

The first CRM marketing advantage is campaign personalization.

Having personalized marketing campaigns is a great way to better appeal to your audience because it means you’re helping each member of that audience feel a closer connection with your marketing. The more specific your marketing is to your leads, the more effective it will be.

So, how do CRMs help with that? They let you track specific customer traits and behaviors so you can constantly refine your audience targeting, allowing for much greater personalization. This goes back to the ICPs that we mentioned earlier — you can personalize campaigns based on the traits listed in your ICPs.

Furthermore, if you have a broad audience, CRMs can help you segment that audience into different groups. You can then create different campaigns for each group, again allowing for much more personalization.

As a result, your marketing will generate much more engagement among your customer base.

2. CRMs help you find issues with customer retention

Another of the biggest marketing benefits of a CRM is that a CRM can help you identify problems in your marketing efforts. Every business should keep track of their marketing funnel, observing the buyer’s journey from user to lead to customer.

But you may find that most of the users at the top of the funnel never make it to the purchase stage. To some extent, that’s to be expected. But if your conversion rate is particularly low, it may be because there are holes in your funnel that you could patch up.

A CRM can help you identify those holes. You can see where users most commonly exit the funnel and which groups of users most commonly do so. You may find that one area of your marketing isn’t as effective as it needs to be. You could even find that you’re targeting the wrong audience with your campaigns.

Whatever you discover, a CRM can help you find marketing issues, which you can then patch up to improve your conversion rate. Furthermore, CRMs can help you keep in touch with your contacts, allowing you to counteract those issues with top-tier customer service that reels them back in.

3. CRMs help you drive multichannel marketing efforts

The third CRM marketing advantage is that CRMs can help you with multichannel marketing campaigns. You don’t want to be stuck marketing exclusively through a single channel—it’s more effective to use multiple channels in tandem with one another.

But sometimes, it can be hard to figure out which channels to use, and even once you do, it’s not always easy to keep those channels perfectly in sync with one another. Thankfully, a CRM can help you manage that struggle.

With lead attribution, you can use your CRM to see which channels drive the most leads. From there, you can observe user behavior on those channels to learn more about them—you can gather info on their preferences and interests, which you can then use to build out your ICPs and improve your marketing.

For example, say the below is what your marketing budget, total leads and lead values look like in any given month:

Marketing ChannelMonthly BudgetTotal LeadsTotal Lead Value
Google Ads$3,00010$10,000

Your CRM can help you see beyond just the total number of leads and help you focus on make decisions off of the actual value you’re driving your business through your marketing efforts. With the example data above, it would be smart to shift budget away from LinkedIn and Facebook and reallocate that budget to Google Ads and SEO.

Also, by managing all your channels through one platform—your CRM—you can keep them in sync with one another, delivering consistent messaging across all channels and making it easier for leads to move from one to another.

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