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Sales Strategy

The Sell to Win Playbook (55 Sales Expert Tips)

Want to learn from the masters?

Read by tens of thousands of sales professionals every month, Nutshell’s Sell to Win blog features sales tips and insights from some of the world’s most highly regarded sales thought-leaders.

This guide features some of the best expert advice we’ve published, including:

  • “Mr. Inside Sales” Mike Brooks on how to ask effective qualifying questions
  • Accelerate! podcast host Andy Paul on why you should present with a whiteboard instead of a slide deck
  • Hoffeld Group CEO David Hoffeld on what most sales managers get wrong when it comes to motivating their teams
  • Traveling salesman Stu Larkin’s six secrets to maintaining a 90% close rate when meeting with prospects

…and many, many more. Download the Sell to Win Playbook today!


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