New in Nutshell: Take the grunt work out of email marketing with Nutshell’s Constant Contact integration!

Ben Goldstein
VP of Marketing, Nutshell
Ben Goldstein
VP of Marketing, Nutshell

Every day, thousands of businesses use Nutshell to organize their customer conversations and sell smarter.

Given how important email is to B2B sales, Nutshell has always made sending and tracking sales emails a focus of our product, from our automated personal email sequences to our sneaky powerful Gmail and Outlook extensions.

Until recently, Nutshell customers had only one option for integrating their email marketing efforts with their CRM: our award-winning Mailchimp integration. But in December, we launched a new integration with Constant Contact that gives you the capability to unite your sales and marketing efforts like never before.

Here’s a quick look at our most powerful email marketing integration ever:

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Get started in one click

First things first, head to your Integrations tab and hit the blue “Enable” button. In a single click, you’ll get your Nutshell and Constant Contact accounts talking to each other.

Import and sync your contacts (even the custom fields!)

If you already have lists in Constant Contact, you can choose to bring those people into Nutshell, and we’ll automatically include information and sync up any custom fields.

If your Constant Contact lists are growing—say, for example, you have a newsletter form on your website—Nutshell will continue to sync those new contacts.

Measure the engagement of your email marketing

With our Constant Contact CRM integration enabled, your people and lead pages will automatically populate with information on the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.

On every person page, the new panel on the right-hand sidebar will tell you which Constant Contact lists the person is subscribed to, their specific open and click rates, and their latest interaction with your email marketing. You’ll even see an at-a-glance contact rating that summarizes how engaged the person is with your messaging overall.

Along with their phone calls, notes, and 1:1 emails, your contact’s chronological timeline will also show when they interact with your email campaigns, even down to the specific messages that they open.

Filter and prioritize leads by how they interact with your email campaigns

The same information is available on Nutshell’s spreadsheet-inspired list view. You can sort your new leads by those who are most engaged with your marketing, or take the leads generated by a particular marketing channel and send them to a specific email list in Constant Contact. From there, you can use Constant Contact to nurture them with a targeted, relevant email campaign.

Place leads into the appropriate email automation through your sales process

Just like our Mailchimp connection, managing your list memberships can be fully automated with our Constant Contact CRM integration. Using the Sales Automation engine in Nutshell Pro, you can automatically place leads into the appropriate Constant Contact list as they work through your funnel. Nutshell also sorts your new customers and lost leads into the appropriate lists.

What’s next?

We’ve built a wonderful partnership with the team over at Constant Contact, so that when our mutual customers have a question or need a hand, each team can connect them to the right support or resources. We’ve even worked with them to develop a MailChimp switcher’s guide, which you can find right here

We’re very pleased to continue helping your sales and marketing teams stay on the same page, and to apply insights from email campaigns to your sales conversations. We want our customers to spend more time building relationships and less time on software. Let us know what you think!

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