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As a hospitality provider, you can benefit immensely from using a customer relationship management (CRM) platform—and Nutshell is the perfect hospitality business CRM for you. Keep reading to learn more, or start your free trial!


Why Nutshell is the Best CRM for the Hospitality Industry

Customer relationships are the backbone of the hospitality industry. You can strengthen yours by providing your customers with excellent personalized experiences that keep them happy and loyal to your business.

The growing hospitality industry saw a compound annual growth rate of 13.9% in 2022. To stay ahead of the competition, businesses in hospitality are adopting tools that can enhance their customers’ experiences and encourage them to make repeat purchases.

Customer relationship management (CRM) software like Nutshell has never been more crucial to hospitality businesses than today, as they strive for customers to notice and remember them.

Whether your business is a hotel, a restaurant, travel- or tourism-related, or catering, Nutshell can help you nurture your customer relationships and provide a pleasant customer journey.

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Nurture your customer relationships using Nutshell

With many hospitality businesses to choose from, what will make a prospect pick yours? The answer is customer service. You can stand out from everyone else by making your customers and prospects feel valued and taken care of by using the best CRM for hotels.

Get to know your customers and understand their needs by keeping all relevant information about them in one place with Nutshell’s contact management features. By having a customer profile with all the pertinent details and communications saved in it, everyone on your team is familiar with your customer’s hospitality needs, past purchases, and behavior.

Having valuable information about your customers lets you engage with them via personalized messages and offers. To make sure your customer doesn’t forget about you, send them birthday greetings and remind them about your milestones together, like their loyalty membership anniversary.

Because Nutshell is a CRM that makes team collaboration a breeze, you can address your customers’ hospitality needs and inquiries at a moment’s notice. You can tag colleagues who can help you with a particular customer inquiry, and you can set mobile alerts to let team members know when they’re needed so they can take action quickly.

Automate tasks so you can focus on building relationships

Automation is one of the main benefits of a CRM in the hospitality industry. Nutshell helps you automate simple tasks so your team can focus on the more important ones. Let the best CRM for hotels handle these action items for you:

  • Assign inquiries to your representatives. By auto-assigning leads to your sales reps or after-sales inquiries to your customer support team, your business can immediately respond to customers, thus improving their experience with your brand.
  • Send email reminders about a customer’s schedule or appointment with you. With Nutshell, you can design a sales process that makes every step of the journey smooth sailing for your customer. Pop into their inbox to remind them about their upcoming appointment, like a hotel booking, so they don’t miss it. This makes Nutshell an excellent CRM software for hotels.
  • Collect feedback from customers about their stay or the services they received from you. Customer feedback gives you insights on whether they’re satisfied or not, so you’ll know the next appropriate steps to build stronger relationships with them. In addition, it also gives you valuable feedback to improve your services and offerings.
  • Inform customers about new products and offers they might be interested in. If they responded to a similar promotion in the past or called your hotline about a new offering they might be interested in, it’s a good idea to let them know using a CRM software for hotels like Nutshell.
  • Instantly create charts for your presentation or reports. Nutshell makes reviewing and reporting your team’s performance easier. With a click of a button, you can save charts from Nutshell and use them in your decks.

How Could A CRM Help Your Business?

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Improve customer experiences by tracking the metrics that matter

A huge amount of data can overwhelm your team. With Nutshell, data is transformed into visual reports and insights that your team can easily digest and act on.

Caffè Umbria, one of Nutshell’s customers, finds the reporting intuitive and useful. “I wanted my team to not have to do reporting outside of the CRM,” says Marie Franklin, Caffè Umbria’s Director of Strategic Development. “With Nutshell, they can show that they reached their goals.”

View your team’s performance with Nutshell’s reporting and analytics. By measuring the success of your campaigns and interactions with customers, you identify what engages them and what doesn’t. You also identify which parts of your process need improvement so you can enhance your processes to meet customers’ expectations and close deals.

With Nutshell, you can customize your sales process and provide team members with guidance and reminders at each stage of the sales process. Not only are you empowering your team to succeed, but you’re also making sure they’re nurturing your relationships with your customers to close more deals.

Our customers close over $7 Billion in sales each year with Nutshell!

Grow your business with Nutshell, a CRM for the hospitality industry

Getting started with building and nurturing customer relationships can be daunting for any business in the hospitality industry. It’s an ongoing process that requires learning new software and improving your internal processes to meet your goals.

With an easy-to-use and affordable CRM like Nutshell, navigating the ropes of relationship building is made easier. Let your team reap the benefits of a CRM in the hospitality industry in just days—not weeks. You can automate tasks, send out personalized emails, and view reports at a moment’s notice.

In case you need help, we have a dedicated Ann Arbor-based support team that you can contact via live chat or email. They’ll make sure your team is getting the most out of Nutshell.

“Everyone I spoke with at Nutshell was very nice,” Marie says. “Whenever I got stuck, they helped me out.”

Try Nutshell free for 14 days to see if it’s the right CRM for your hospitality business!

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