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The Best Retail or Ecommerce CRM for Your Business

Looking for the best CRM for Retail or eCommerce companies? Try Nutshell, an easy-to-use CRM platform that can help you grow your business!


Why Nutshell is a good CRM for Retail or eCommerce companies?

Provide an excellent customer experience that makes loyal and new customers happy with easy-to-use customer relationship management (CRM) software like Nutshell.

For retailers and ecommerce businesses to grow, retaining customers and acquiring new ones is essential. Want to nurture your relationships with them? Segment your customer base and run personalized nurture campaigns for each one.

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Let your most loyal customers be the first to know about your offers on their favorite products. Did someone leave an item in their cart without checking out? It’s a good idea to remind them about their abandoned cart and inform them when a special offer on the product becomes available.

When your customers have after-sales inquiries, make it part of your retail operations to provide seamless support to make them feel valued and loyal to your brand.

Use a CRM for ecommerce businesses like Nutshell, so you can provide a customer experience that sets you apart from the competition and keeps your customers happy.

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Retain your most loyal customers with Nutshell

Did you know that you can improve your customer retention by as much as 27% with a CRM? With a flexible retail CRM software like Nutshell, you can:

Segment your customers accordingly

Nutshell’s contact management features let retailers like you have a database of your customers’ important information. Aside from their demographics, you can save and sort your customers according to their purchase history, support inquiries, and special offers they’ve availed.

By knowing each customer well and segmenting them accordingly, you know the relevant offers and announcements that you must communicate with them.

Automate sending out personalized emails

Nutshell’s email automation feature lets you create and schedule email campaigns. If you’re announcing a much-awaited product, you can craft personalized emails and schedule the send-out to customer segments interested in your new product.

Didn’t get a response? You can automate follow-ups with Nutshell’s personal email sequence tool and create sales drip campaigns.

Offer products your customers may need by cross-selling

Knowing your customers well and the products they’ve previously purchased from you will give you an idea of their needs and next purchases. It’s a great idea to cross-sell relevant items to your customers using a CRM for retail or ecommerce companies.

While cross-selling provides your business benefits like increased sales revenue, your customers gain from your cross-selling, too. They may not be aware of a product that’s why they’ve never purchased it.

Using a CRM for retailers lets you easily identify which customers are excellent candidates for a cross-sell, so you’re informing them of products they might need. As a result, you’ve helped address another customer pain point.

How Could A CRM Help Your Business?

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Provide excellent customer support

Your customers will appreciate your efforts when you extend help even after their purchase. With a flexible CRM for ecommerce businesses like Nutshell, providing customer support is made easier.

Your service team can access details about a customer’s past purchases and concerns, so they can provide informed solutions. Does your service team need the help of your sales team? With Nutshell, collaboration is simple: Just tag them, and the person will be notified to jump in to help.

Improve your marketing campaigns

Using a CRM can help retailers and ecommerce businesses make better marketing campaigns. With an easy-to-use retail CRM software like Nutshell, going through your customer database can give you valuable insights on how you can improve your campaigns to get more leads.

Which marketing channels did your customers interact with the most? It may make sense to run campaigns on those channels. Do you see a pattern in customer demographics or behavior? Use that info to sharpen your campaigns and reach the right audience.

Streamline your retail business’s operations with Nutshell

If your retail or ecommerce business is currently using other tools for accounting, inventory, or contract management, you can still use Nutshell and have your tools integrated together. This way, you can access your inventory data and run your business from a single user-friendly tool.

Our customers close over $7 Billion in sales each year with Nutshell!

Grow your business with Nutshell, a CRM for retail or ecommerce companies

Retaining loyal customers and acquiring new ones is vital for retailers and ecommerce businesses. An affordable and easy-to-use CRM like Nutshell can help your team foster loyalty while also developing marketing campaigns that drive new customers.

Reap the benefits of using retail CRM software in just days and not weeks. Automate tasks, send out personalized emails, and streamline your retail business’s operations.

Retail and ecommerce CRMs can also have more subtle characteristics that tell users they were made for the retail industry, like industry-specific terminology.

If you need help, our dedicated Ann Arbor-based support team will be happy to assist you via live chat or email. They’ll make sure your team is getting the most out of Nutshell from the moment you sign up for a free trial.

Want to see if Nutshell is the CRM for your retail or ecommerce business? Try Nutshell free for 14 days!

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