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New in Nutshell: Leave the Follow-Up to Us With Personal Email Sequences

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As a great man once said, you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.

Or, to put it in sales terms, you close 0% of the prospects who don’t hear from you.

Anyone who relies on email to start sales conversations understands that follow-up is what separates success from failure. Instead of dropping some bogus stat about how nearly half of salespeople never follow up with their prospects, we’ll just say that a lot of sellers don’t do it, and they’re leaving money on the table.

But look, we get it: Email follow-up takes a long time. Nobody likes to spend their day typing out follow-up messages to prospects who have been ignoring them. And it can be really hard to remember which prospect you need to check in with on a given day, especially in a high-volume sales operation.

For those reasons (and more), Nutshell is proud to announce personal email sequences, a new feature available in Nutshell Pro that will help you save time, generate more replies, and capture more opportunities.

What Are Personal Email Sequences?

Personal email sequences let you personalize your sales outreach at scale and inspire more of your email recipients to take action.

Unlike a marketing automation tool that mass-delivers the same message to a list of contacts, personal email sequencing is a sales automation tool that allows sales reps to build and customize one-on-one email cadences, speeding up their outreach efforts and improving their reply rates.

While many CRMs offer automated reminders that tell reps when it’s time to follow up with prospects, Nutshell’s personal email sequences follow up for you on the schedule you’ve set, without the need for reminders or additional effort. Just set up an email sequence—or get started with one of our suggestions—and we’ll remember the follow-ups for you.

Plus, personal email sequences are completely shareable. If anyone on your team creates a sequence template that works like a charm, it can be shared throughout the organization to immediately raise everyone’s game.

Update, June 2020: Personal email sequences can now be automatically triggered as part of our sales automation suite! If you’re a Pro customer, open up any of your pipelines and use the “Automated emails” row to add a pre-built email sequence to the stage of your choice. Once a lead reaches that stage, your sequence will begin deploying automatically—meaning you can start drawing replies from new contacts without lifting a finger. Pretty sweet, eh?

How to Use Personal Email Sequences

  • Create an email sequence template that includes the first contact with your prospect and a handful of follow-ups.
  • Personalize your sequence to capture a prospect’s interest (i.e., reference their business, their industry, or even the weather in their city. For more best practices on email personalization, read this.)
  • Nutshell will send each message in your sequence over the course of a few days; each message will look like it came directly from you.
  • To save even more time, use our sales automation engine to automatically trigger your sequences based on pipeline stage.
  • Once your prospect replies, Nutshell will automatically stop the sequence, and it’s in your court to continue the conversation.
  • Reply detection advances interested leads in your pipeline automatically.
  • Nutshell will track your opens and measure your reply rate to help you fine-tune your sequences.

Note: You have to connect your email with Nutshell before you can use personal email sequences.


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Six Ways Personal Email Sequences Put More Money in Your Pocket


By reducing the amount of time you spend drafting and sending email follow-ups, personal email sequences allows your team to spend more time on high-value activities like phone calls, personal demos, and client meetings. You have important things to do—let email work in the background for you.


Nutshell’s personal email sequences look like emails sent from real person—not bulk emails sent from a marketing platform—which means your recipients are more likely to open them and respond instead of hitting delete.


How well are your templates working to generate replies? Nutshell measures your email health and reply rates so you can analyze effectiveness and test improvements.


Success shouldn’t be a secret. With personal email sequence software, you can easily share your best-performing templates with the rest of your team so that new employees can learn what works and every member of your team can use the sequence that draws the most replies.


Mass emails get caught by spam filters all the time, which means most of your contacts never actually hear from you. Since Nutshell’s automated follow-ups are sent through the same servers as your personal email, they have a much better chance of hitting your recipients’ inboxes and capturing their attention.

More bang for your buck

Instead of spending more of your company’s software budget on a dedicated email sequencing or sales engagement solution, Nutshell now provides a lightweight answer to scaleable email personalization, allowing you to do even more out of a single, affordable tool.

Ready to Get Started?

If you’re already a Nutshell Pro user, simply head to your Email templates page and Click the blue +Add new template button on the top right to get started. (For more instructions, visit our email sequences Help Center page.)

If you’re a Nutshell user and you want to learn more about our personal email sequence software and other game-changing Pro features, watch the video here and email for further guidance.

If you’re not a Nutshell customer…welcome! Start a free 14-day trial to start exploring all the amazing features of our award-winning CRM and sales automation platform, or register for our “Intro to Nutshell” live demo to see it in action.


Want to kick the tires a bit?

No problem. To see if Nutshell is the right choice for your sales team, start a 14-day free trial today!



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