Automatically send online booking data into Nutshell, and create lead records that include customer details, a downloadable PDF invoice, and more.

Nutshell is an all-in-one CRM and email marketing platform that helps B2B organizations work together to win more deals. Checkfront is the leading online reservation software that makes it easy to manage bookings and payments in a unified tool.

With this integration, Checkfront will automatically sync booking data into Nutshell, creating people and lead records for new customers and updating contact records for existing customers.


Save time: Checkfront’s integration saves you time by automatically sending new booking data into Nutshell. This allows your team to create meaningful relationships with your guests to further create an exceptional booking experience.

Gain customer insights: Customizable reporting from within Nutshell will help you gain a complete understanding of your customer’s booking journey and how you can pinpoint areas for improvement.

Collaborate more effectively: Your team can access contact information any time and leverage it to provide a truly tailored booking experience for every guest.

What it does

Checkfront will automatically send any new booking data into Nutshell, creating a lead that includes all of the booking and customer details, a link to the booking in Checkfront, a downloadable PDF invoice, and more.


In addition to having a Nutshell account, you must have a Checkfront account (free trial and subscription payment models available).

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