Nutshell & Olark

Nutshell integrates with Olark, a great tool to chat live with your web visitors. Your customers are already on your site. Talk with them.

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Keep customers happy

Solve problems faster with inline chat, rather than slow, inefficient email tickets.

Boost your sales

Give customers the answers they need & gain insights about what they’re doing as they click through your site.

Never forget a conversation

View a customer or a lead in Nutshell, and you’ll see every Olark chat, email and phone call, in one contextual timeline.

View Olark transcripts in Nutshell

When you connect Olark with Nutshell, all chats will be saved as activities in Nutshell.

When you view a chat in Nutshell’s web or mobile apps, you’ll see a full transcript of the conversation. You can then use Nutshell’s activity reports to track your team’s productivity in chat, email, and phone calls, all in one place.

Integrated timelines

Watch Nutshell’s realtime dashboard feed and you’ll see your team’s completed Olark chats inline with the rest of your company’s activity.

When you view a contact, account or lead, all related Olark transcripts are shown inline with the emails, phone calls and other support tickets that you’ve exchanged.

Setup is easy

To enable the Olark integration, just visit Setup > Integrations in Nutshell and copy the API link. You can paste this link into Olark via their Integrations page, in the Webhook URL field.

If you have any questions or feedback, our support team is just a click away. We use Olark ourselves to provide immediate, friendly support as you use Nutshell!