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iOS software engineer

Nutshell is hiring iOS engineers to help make the world’s most intuitive CRM even better.

About the team

iOS at Nutshell

We’re a tight-knit group in Ann Arbor, passionate about designing and building beautiful software.

We believe well-crafted software means well-crafted pixels, classes, and infrastructure. We value learning — and that means prototyping, shipping and iterating in small batches. We look for the right tool for the job — which is often a bit more conservative than the flavor of the week.

We love small businesses, and the work we do helps thousands of them grow every day.

About you

You’re an engineer with talent for turning ideas and designs into code that others find easy to understand and modify. You understand that writing software means communicating with humans more than communicating with computers. You have a passion for mobile UI development, knowledge of iOS frameworks and a commitment to pushing the platform forward. You’ll thrive here, if you:

  • Enjoy helping those around you grow
  • Have an excellent ability to communicate aloud, and with a keyboard
  • Love to learn, and you cultivate habits to make this happen
  • Know how to focus and develop flow when you need to concentrate
  • Take pleasure in practice, craftsmanship, momentum and camaraderie
The Nutshells softball

About the job

In this role, you’ll build and evolve Nutshell's iOS app. You’ll spend time interacting with our REST APIs to build beautiful new UIs. If you're not content until you hit 60fps then you'll fit right in.

To start the conversation, send an email to and tell us about yourself! Best way to start? Show us what you’ve done on GitHub, what you’ve had to say on Stack Overflow or Twitter — or even your favorite joke.

Great candidates should have:

  • Experience with iOS application development and deployment to the App Store
  • Solid understanding of object oriented design principles and data structures
  • Background in API design / consumption
  • Understanding of unit testing, continuous integration
  • General awareness of community best practices. Do you subscribe to iOS Dev Weekly, NSHipster, or They certainly help us keep up with everyone's awesomeness!
  • Passion about fit and finish of user interfaces. We :heart: smooth scrolling, meaningful animations, and focus on the content.
  • A desire to work on an important and robust app that helps people grow their business every single day

Our tech stack includes:

  • MVVM
  • ReactiveCocoa
  • AFNetworking
  • CocoaPods
  • Core Data
  • More and more Swift every day because we :heart: it
  • GitHub for project management & code review
  • Continuous integration via Jenkins
Nutshell at work and play