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The Benefits of Nutshell CRM Email Sync

Nutshell is the all-in-one growth software tool that helps B2B teams close more deals.


Having to leave your CRM every time you need to send an email creates constant interruptions throughout your day.

Modern CRMs like Nutshell have email sync capabilities so that sales reps don’t have to waste time switching back and forth between programs. CRM email sync is a simple feature that significantly streamlines your customer communications, but a surprising number of CRMs don’t offer it.

Nutshell’s award-winning small business CRM is built for the needs of outbound sales reps, and allows you to manage all your sales communications in one place. With Nutshell, you’ll spend less time hunting through your email inbox for information, and more time closing deals.

Nutshell’s CRM email sync gives your sales team the following advantages:

  • Send and receive company emails within Nutshell and eliminate the need to switch between tools.
  • Automatically log email conversations into each customer’s communication history.
  • Integrate your CRM with the email clients and services your team already uses, including Microsoft Exchange/Outlook, Office 365, Google’s G Suite, and MailChimp.
  • Replicate Nutshell calendar events to your email client to reduce data entry, save time, and stay on top of important meetings and opportunities.

CRMs need to be as efficient as possible to ensure that they will be successfully adopted by your sales team.

  • 71% of sales reps say that they spend too much time on data entry, and our CRM email and calendar sync features reduce the need for manual data entry.
  • Nutshell has a 94% satisfaction rate for Ease of Use compared to an average of 85% from competing CRMs.

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Nutshell is a top-rated small business CRM with calendar sync, email sync, and many more contact management tools.

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