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Nutshell is super user-friendly and intuitive

I would highly recommend Nutshell

Easy to use and... wait for it ... 100% buy in!

Nutshell is both simple and powerful

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Simple CRM software for growing your construction business.

  • Find every contact, project, and conversation
  • Automate your sales and estimate process
  • View and track your leads
  • Do all your email outreach from one tool
  • Improve your data accuracy and reporting


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Features that Construction Companies Love

Sales Automation

a screenshot of a Nutshell lead in the Researching stage of the sales pipeline

Streamline your sales process

Nutshell’s sales automation features help you streamline your sales process and free up your time so you can focus on closing deals.

From initial qualification to final negotiations, automate actions and follow-ups, put your email outreach on autopilot, and accurately measure the impact of your sales efforts, saving valuable time and driving revenue for your construction company.


a screenshot of a sales dashboard showing the number of leads per month

Report on your performance

Nutshell’s reporting features give you the insights you need to track your construction sales performance and identify areas for improvement. You can create custom reports that show you everything from your lead conversion rate to your average deal size. This data will help you make informed decisions about your construction sales strategy.


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Send more emails in less time

Nutshell’s email features make it easy to send personalized and trackable emails to your leads and customers.

You can use Nutshell’s email templates to easily create professional emails in minutes. And with Nutshell’s email tracking features, you can see when your emails are opened and clicked, so you can follow up with leads at the right time.


a screenshot of Nutshell Form Builder with a form that says "connect with our sales team"

Collect leads directly from your website

Easily create and embed web forms on your construction site. Web leads will automatically sync into your CRM so that your sales team can efficiently reach out to form-fillers.

Simplify lead generation for your construction business.

Team Collaboration

a phone using the Nutshell mobile app with a notification that says " I can help you, Charles Berry "

Unite your sales team

Foster collaboration and improve communication among your sales team members.

Our CRM platform & mobile app allow you to effortlessly track customer interactions, view lead details, and stay notified of important sales tasks and updates.

Empower your team to work together seamlessly.

Contact Management

Find every contact, customer, and conversation

Nutshell’s contact management features make it easy to find and track all of your client or customer contacts.

You can store all of your contact information, such as their name, email address, phone number, and company, in one place. And with Nutshell’s contact management features, you can easily track your interactions with your contacts, so you can always stay on top of your relationships.

Pipeline Management

Monitor your leads throughout the sales process

Create a custom pipeline for your construction company’s sales process. From there, Nutshell’s pipeline management features give you a bird’s-eye view of your construction sales pipeline. You can see all of your leads, opportunities, and closed deals in one place. And with Nutshell’s pipeline management features, you can easily track your progress and identify areas where you need to improve.


Engage your leads and your clients

With Nutshell’s marketing features, you can create and send up to 150 messages / month for free (without paying additional fees).

Nutshell marketing allows you to efficiently send marketing emails to thousands of contacts at once, leverage drip campaigns based on pipeline stage, and track performance of email efforts over time.

Trusted by over 3,000 businesses

Reviews from G2

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Amanda B. is a Project manager and gave a 5 star review


Why Choose Nutshell CRM for Your Construction Company?

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Free & Friendly Customer Support

At Nutshell, we prioritize your success. Our dedicated customer support team is here to assist you every step of the way. Experience our industry-leading support that understands the unique challenges faced by construction companies, ensuring you receive the attention and assistance you deserve.

Powerful sales automation that saves your team time

Boost your marketing efforts by leveraging sales and pipeline data with Nutshell CRM. Our platform seamlessly integrates with your email marketing campaigns, allowing you to personalize and target your communications based on real-time sales data. Unlock the power of data-driven email marketing to drive conversions and customer engagement.

Month-to-month payment options 

We understand the dynamic nature of the construction industry. That’s why Nutshell CRM offers convenient month-to-month payment options. No long-term commitments or rigid contracts, giving you the flexibility to scale and adjust as your business needs evolve.

Fast implementation—no IT department required.

Get up and running in no time with Nutshell CRM. Say goodbye to lengthy setup processes and the need for developers. Our user-friendly interface allows for effortless implementation, enabling you to focus on your construction projects from day one.

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Unlimited CRM contacts & data storage

Whether you’re in commercial or residential construction, one thing is true- you’ll have a lot of contacts to manage. Nutshell makes it easy to find and store your contacts with no storage limit. No more worrying about hitting capacity thresholds – our platform grows with your business.


Choose the best plan for your team

Billed Annually
Billed Monthly
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Simple, flexible CRM that helps teams organize their contacts, leads, and conversations.

$16 per user per month

Included in all plans…

  • Unlimited data, people, company & lead storage
  • Contact management and communication timelines
  • Email and calendar sync
  • Customizable single sales pipeline
  • Free live support
  • And more
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CRM, sales automation, and advanced reporting to help your team maximize every opportunity.

$42 per user per month

Everything in Foundation, plus…

  • Sales automation
  • Multiple pipelines
  • Personal email sequences
  • Full reporting suite, including Activity, Funnel, and Forecast reports
  • And more
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Harness the power of Artificial Intelligence to improve efficiency, effectiveness and revenue in your CRM.

$52 per user per month

Everything in Pro, plus…

  • AI timeline summarization
  • Zoom transcription summarization
  • Click tracking & notifications (also in Pro)
  • Connected form set up (also in Pro)
  • Unlimited in-app phone dialing and recording (also in Pro)
  • And more
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No limits. No caps. No breaking the bank. Our tier that gives your team the most firepower without costing a fortune.

$67 per user per month

Everything in Power Ai, plus…

  • Unlimited pipelines and custom fields
  • 100 AI timeline summarizations per user each month
  • API support, Audit log, Changelog and Read-only SQL access
  • Enterprise SSO, User/Group provisioning & other SCIM provisioning: Microsoft Azure & ADFS, Google Workspace SAML, Okta, Auth0, OneLogin, & PingFederate
  • Dedicated success strategist (5 user minimum) & Free scheduled phone support
  • And more
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I love how easy Nutshell is to use. The product is very robust and cost effective. For us, this is a dream product because of the price, performance and customer support!
– John R., G2 Review