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Nutshell is super user-friendly and intuitive

I would highly recommend Nutshell

Easy to use and... wait for it ... 100% buy in!

Nutshell is both simple and powerful

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Simple Email Marketing CRM Software For Your Team

  • Improve communication & engagement with contacts
  • See who received, clicked, & engaged with your emails
  • Automate sales emails and send follow up reminders to sales persons directly
  • Email directly from Nutshell instead of constantly switching tabs
  • Send 150 marketing emails per month for free (no strings attached!)

Try Nutshell free for 14 days.


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Powerful CRM + Email Integration = Level’d Up Sales & Marketing

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Personal Email Syncing

  • Easily sync your email and calendar (including Google’s G Suite and Office 365)
  • Send and receive emails directly within Nutshell
  • Automatically log email conversations on timelines
  • Track opens and clicks
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Personal Email Sequences

  • Save time with automated email follow-ups
  • Personalize your sales outreach
  • Trigger email sequences based on sales pipeline changes
  • Share sales sequences with your whole team
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Email Marketing

  • Design marketing emails using templates or from scratch
  • Create & target custom audiences based on your CRM data
  • Send newsletters, one-off broadcasts, and automatic drip sequences
  • Track your impact with individual user touchpoints
  • Send 150 emails for free (for ALL Nutshell customers)



Powerful Email Features That Nutshell Customers Love

Email Marketing

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With Nutshell Campaigns, you can send beautifully designed marketing emails to thousands of contacts at once, create custom audiences from your CRM data, optimize your email performance with A/B testing, and instantly track the impact of your messages.

With your email marketing built directly into your CRM, you won’t have to worry about wiring multiple tools together or keeping your contact data updated across platforms. Plus, keeping your sales and marketing teams on the same page is easier than ever.


Email Automation

email automation
Automate your email outreach based on where your leads are in your sales pipeline

By setting up customized personal email sequences in Nutshell, you can automatically trigger a series of targeted messages when your lead reaches a specific stage in your pipeline.

And you don’t have to worry about remembering to follow up with each lead individually. Nutshell will automatically send out the next email in the sequence, keeping your leads engaged and moving them further down the funnel. Plus, as soon as a lead responds to one of your emails, the sequence will stop so that your emails don’t end up in spam.

Email Templates

Create custom email templates to send emails more efficiently and save your fingers

Retyping the same emails over and over again is one of the most tedious parts of a sales job.

Nutshell’s email templates are easy to set up and even easier to deploy, so your sales reps can send the perfect response to a prospect in seconds, not minutes.

By streamlining the email process, sales teams can focus more on building relationships and closing deals.

Email Activity Timelines

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Email timelines logged for each contact

Timelines show you every touchpoint that your team has made with a buyer, including email!

This feature helps you better understand how your sales and marketing communications fit together in your nurturing strategy.

Plus, with a log of all email activity for a contact, you can avoid bombarding people with too many emails or sending them conflicting messages.

Email Reporting

Track the engagement of every email

Is your audience picking up what you’re putting down? Nutshell’s email tracking tool provides valuable insights into your email outreach efforts.

Sales teams can prioritize follow-up on interested buyers and adjust their approach for prospects who haven’t engaged yet.

Nutshell’s email reporting shows:

  • which templates are driving conversations forward
  • which contacts are engaging with emails
  • and more!

With Nutshell’s email tracking and reporting, sales teams can save time, prioritize efforts, and improve outreach strategies.

Email Integrations

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Unite your sales and marketing efforts like never before

Before we get to integrations, what if your CRM data and email marketing data existed in the same place?

That’s exactly what we offer with our Nutshell Campaigns add-on! More affordable than many other email marketing platforms and we don’t skimp on features.

As far as integrations go, Nutshell offers countless personal email, calendar, and email marketing integrations so that you can:

  • Import & sync your contacts & communications into Nutshell
  • Conduct email and sales activities in your email software, or directly in Nutshell
  • Track email engagement among sales prospects
  • and more!

Check out all of our built-in integrations capabilities here.

Email List Management

Create email lists in a flash from your contacts list

You won’t believe how easy it is to email a group of related customers in Nutshell. Just filter your contacts by location, industry, assignee, or any custom attribute, and start drafting an email to that list with a single click. Your days of hunting down scattered email addresses are over.

Let’s talk

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Nutshell is the CRM and email marketing tool I have been searching for since 1992.

Evan T Account Executive

A major selling point for us was Nutshell’s integrations. About 70% of our communication is done through Google Mail, so as you can imagine, a seamless integration between our email and our CRM was absolutely critical.

Steven S. Blommerang

We use nutshell to track our leads and quote projects; the integration with PandaDoc is an excellent tool if you like all the templates used through panda. Their marketing tool allows you to send marketing emails without exiting your CRM; this makes it convenient and reduces the cost of paying for a third-party marketing app.

Daniel S

Great way to track management with clients. Love that I can BCC and the email from my google account goes right into the right account in Nutshell. Also love that I can set tasks to remind myself to follow up

Holly C

Easy email and marketing management in one place! Great for tracking when customers open and read their electronic mail.

Scott D

Without a doubt, Nutshell has been instrumental in organizing our contact lists and has eliminated the need to maintain multiple spreadsheets for our contacts. Nutshell has not only streamlined our contact management process but has also saved us a significant amount of time, allowing us to focus on engaging with our partners and stakeholders. The email tool, in particular, has been especially helpful in improving our communication and engagement with our contacts.

Ana S

Nutshell’s all-in-one CRM goes beyond email. Here’s what we offer that nobody else does:

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Free and friendly support by live chat and email.

The most powerful sales automation tools on the market.

Month-to-month payment options with NO contracts!

Fast implementation—no IT department required.

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Unlimited CRM contacts, unlimited data storage, and no user caps.

Trusted by over 3,000 businesses