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Nutshell is super user-friendly and intuitive

I would highly recommend Nutshell

Easy to use and... wait for it ... 100% buy in!

Nutshell is both simple and powerful

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Simple, affordable CRM for teams that use Google Workspace

Nutshell CRM integrates with Google Workspace apps to make your company more efficient:

  • Gmail
  • Google Contacts
  • Google Calendar
  • Google Sheets
  • Google Drive

See for yourself how Nutshell’s Google integrations can skyrocket your team’s productivity.


Try Nutshell free for 14 days

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    Trusted by over 3,000 businesses

    Enable Your Team with the Best CRM Features for Google Workspace Teams

    Native Google Integrations

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    Stay productive wherever you work

    Our native app integrations with Gmail and Google Calendar let you send and receive work emails and stay on top of all your appointments, directly from our award-winning CRM database.

    No more switching between tools to find out what you have to do next.

    Centralize your emails and calendar activities so you can save valuable time and spend your day closing more deals.


    Contact Management with Gmail

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    Manage your contacts right out of your inbox

    The Nutshell for Gmail Chrome extension lets you access Nutshell’s most important contact management features directly from your email.

    From Gmail, you can:

    • Create new contact records and tasks
    • View scheduled activities
    • Track communication timelines


    Google Sheets Integration

    Spend less time manually importing and exporting contacts between Nutshell and Google Sheets 

    With the Nutshell x Google Sheets integration, Zapier automatically creates a new row in your Google Sheet when a new Nutshell lead is created.

    This can also work in reverse: When you add a row to your Google Sheet, the integration will create a new lead in Nutshell.

    Harness Nutshell’s powerful CRM features without sacrificing Google Sheets’ organization capabilities. Use Nutshell to supercharge your business’s contact management.


    Google Calendar Sync

    Screenshot of the Nutshell page where you can connect to Office 365 calendar

    Connect your Google and Nutshell calendars

    With our Google Calendar integration, you can:

    • Sync and automatically update Google events with Nutshell activities
    • Keep all your scheduled activities organized without having to manually update them across apps
    • View your scheduled activities directly from Gmail with our Nutshell for Gmail Chrome extension

    You no longer have to switch between apps, limiting your productivity. Centralize your activities in one place.


    Email Automation

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    Send more emails in less time

    Whether you need to contact one prospect or a long list of them, Nutshell helps you stay at the top of your buyers’ inboxes with a fraction of the effort.

    Our time-saving email features include:

    • Email templates
    • Automated personal email sequences
    • Marketing software integrations
    • Email engagement metrics


    Email Marketing

    Turn your subscribers into buyers

    With Nutshell Campaigns, you can send beautifully designed marketing emails to thousands of contacts at once, create custom audiences from your CRM data, and instantly track the impact of your messages.

    Access powerful features like:

    • Eye-catching email templates
    • Contact filtering tools
    • Automated drip sequences
    • Email engagement reports


    Pipeline Management

    View and track your leads

    Nutshell is the most flexible CRM database for sales reps, offering four ways to view and manage your sales pipeline:

    • List view
    • Map view
    • Chart view
    • Board view (drag-and-drop)

    We let you decide how to work your deals, save views, and share with your team.


    Sales Automation

    a screenshot of a Nutshell lead in the Researching stage of the sales pipeline

    Automate your sales process

    Design and execute a sales process that reduces time-wasting tasks and helps your reps know what to do at every moment.

    Specify the actions and follow-ups that need to happen from initial qualification through final negotiations, put your email outreach on autopilot, and accurately measure the impact of your efforts.



    a screenshot of a sales dashboard showing the number of leads per month

    Report on your performance

    Nutshell’s easy-to-use, customizable reports give you at-a-glance insight into your business, so you can measure performance and pinpoint areas for improvement.

    Download presentation-ready charts and view “snapshots” of your business at different points in time so you can track progress.


    Team Collaboration

    a phone using the Nutshell mobile app with a notification that says " I can help you, Charles Berry "

    Unite your sales team

    Need to get everyone on the same page? Nutshell lets you easily bring team members into the conversation, see who’s talking to your customers outside of the sales team, and stay notified of everything that needs your attention.

    Don’t let important customer interactions get lost in email. Store your team communications in Nutshell and tag colleagues to get help on a deal.


    Syncing Your Google Calendar

    Gmail Chrome Extension for Nutshell


    Reviews from G2

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    Customer Review

    Nutshell’s all-in-one CRM helps businesses close more deals. Here’s what we offer that nobody else does:

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    Free and friendly support by live chat and email.

    The most powerful sales automation tools on the market.

    Month-to-month payment options with NO contracts!

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    Email marketing that seamlessly connects to your CRM data.

    Fast implementation—no IT department required.

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    Unlimited CRM contacts, unlimited data storage, and no user caps.

    See Nutshell in action. No credit card required.