Integrating Your CRM With Social Media and Advertising Platforms

Does your company use a customer relationship management (CRM) platform? If not, it’s definitely something to consider. A CRM can help you gather, store, organize, and analyze data about your customers, which then helps you improve your sales and marketing efforts.

But that’s not all a CRM can do. It can also integrate with different tools, including social media and advertising platforms. Why bother with CRM social media integration, though? Well, that’s exactly the question we’re here to answer. Keep reading to learn more.

What is CRM social media and advertising integration?

Let’s start by defining CRM social media integration. As we’ve said, CRMs can help you gather customer data. Integrating your CRM with other tools enables you to pull data from those tools into your CRM.

Your marketing channels are some of the best sources of customer data, and that includes social media marketing and paid advertising. Most CRMs can integrate with those channels to pull data about how your leads and customers interact with your social media pages and paid ads.

That’s the idea behind social media and advertising integration.

How to integrate a CRM with social media platforms

With Nutshell, integrating with different platforms, be it social media or advertising, is easy. Nutshell offers dozens of software integrations so you can run campaigns and keep track of your data all in one place. This includes software integrations with some of the most popular social media platforms businesses use for advertising and lead generation, like Facebook and Twitter.

Facebook + Nutshell

With Nutshell’s Facebook integrations, Zapier adds your Facebook ad leads to Nutshell as new contacts. In other words, say goodbye to manual data entry. Zapier automatically takes new leads from your Facebook ad campaigns and adds them to Nutshell as new contacts, so your team can get started nurturing those leads as soon as possible.

Twitter + Nutshell

Need help finding a contact on Twitter? Nutshell’s Twitter integration makes finding social media information about contacts easy. See your contact’s Twitter handle and other social activity directly on their Nutshell profile and save time by avoiding scouring the vast platform that is Twitter. 

3 benefits of integrating with social media and advertising platforms

There are a few different benefits to integrating with social media and advertising platforms. Here are three of those benefits!

1. Better audience targeting

When you advertise online, whether on social media or in a search engine like Google, you get to customize your ad targeting. That means you can set up your ads to target people based on specific traits, including:

  • Demographics
  • Location
  • Browsing history

Targeting people based on these factors helps you reach the audience that’s most likely to convert. But how do you know which audience that is?

That’s where your CRM enters the picture. CRM advertising integration means you can use all the customer data in your CRM to help you hone your social media and ad targeting. By reaching the right audience, you can increase your conversion rate and drive more sales for your business.

2. Personalized customer journeys

It’s not enough just to reach the right audience. You also have to reach them with the right marketing. Thankfully, CRM advertising integration can help with that, too.

With your CRM, you can create personalized customer journeys for your social media and paid advertising campaigns. You can use the data you have on your customers to identify the best ways of appealing to their interests in your advertising. That personalization will help you successfully engage them.

You can also further increase your personalization by using your CRM to segment your audience into smaller, more specific groups. Then you can create separate campaigns targeted to each group. The more specific your advertising is to your audience, the more positively they’ll respond to it, and the higher your conversion rates will be.

3. Social media and advertising analytics

Your business can analyze and monitor metrics related to your social media campaigns with a CRM through social media integration. Integrating your CRM with social media and advertising platforms centralizes your data analysis and even improves it.

Nutshell can automatically create in-depth reports and charts based on your data. This way, you can visualize your campaign’s performance and use the data to optimize future campaigns.

For example, in Nutshell, you can access reports on lead attribution that show you how many of your leads came from organic and paid social as well as other channels.

Nutshell is the ideal CRM for integrating with social media and advertising platforms

If you’re looking for the perfect CRM for social media and advertising integration, Nutshell is among your best options. Designed just for businesses like yours, our CRM offers contact management, sales automation, and reporting features. You’ll also get access to a world-class customer support team that can help you through any questions or concerns you have.

Not sure if Nutshell is the right choice for your company? No worries. You can check out our 14-day free trial to find out for yourself what Nutshell can do for you!


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