The tools you need to close more sales

Powerful features to help you get more done.

Keep in touch

Your most important relationships should always be a priority. We help you keep it that way.

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2-way calendar sync

Love your Google Calendar? You’re going to love it even more knowing that Nutshell activities sync right to your calendar, and vice versa.


Call any contact in Nutshell with a simple click (or tap, for mobile apps). Calls can be recorded for later review, and we'll even log the activity for you, automatically.

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One click task creation

Never miss a follow-up. Quickly create a new task in Nutshell for yourself or your team. Create and manage your to-do list in your own personal dashboard.

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Bulk email templates

Need to email multiple contacts at once? Bulk email allows you to send the same message to multiple contacts, obliterating the dog days days of copy and paste.

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Nutshell Maps

See all of the people you know, on a beautiful world map. Planning a trip? Check out Nutshell Maps to see who you know near your destination.

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Nutshell Intelligence

Nutshell automagically finds and populates key information about the people you work with so you can focus on what matters – growing relationships.

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Sales process

Sales processes are a set of milestones that provide a step-by-step guide to closing a sale and growing your business. Sales processes in Nutshell are fully customizable.

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Easy contact importing

Let manual data entry be a thing of the past. Nutshell provides simple contact importing features so that you can continue growing your business without skipping a beat.

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Sales team collaboration

Easily engage with other members of your team, ensuring that pertinent knowledge is being effectively shared throughout the sale.

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Email ingestion

Import all your email to Nutshell. Contacts will be created for email addresses that aren't currently in Nutshell.

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BCC your emails

When emailing a contact or account, just BCC the outgoing message to We'll connect the message directly to the contact, and to any open leads with them.

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Team quotas

Create quotas, set user restrictions, design processes & more to ensure that every member of your team is performing at their best.

Lead confidence

Set individual lead confidence so that you’re provided with the most accurate sales projection numbers, allowing you to make strategic growth decisions.

Real time notifications

Receive in-app, email and mobile push notifications. View a list of all events that are relevant to you, designed to alert you when important things happen.

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Activity reports

Check out your team's progress in the Nutshell activity report. Activity reports allow you to see how much each member of your team is doing each week.

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User and team restrictions

Configure Nutshell so that certain information is hidden from specific users or teams. Non-admin users can be given rights to view all data, their team's data, or only see their own.

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