Constant Contact CRM integration

Integrate Nutshell with Constant Contact to keep your email marketing in sync with the rest of your business and deliver the right messages to your prospects at the right time.

Nutshell is a sneaky powerful CRM that helps your team build stronger relationships and close more sales. Constant Contact is a leading email marketing automation platform, with snazzy out-of-the-box templates and easy customization.

Our native Constant Contact integration lets you export your Nutshell contacts to Constant Contact in one click, and automatically place leads into the appropriate Constant Contact list as they advance through your funnel.

(Oh, and if you’re new to Constant Contact, you can sign up with us for a 15% discount!)


Save time: Stop wasting hours of your week transferring new contacts to Constant Contact and managing your subscriber lists. Enable our Constant Contact CRM integration in one click, and establish simple rules for email campaign subscriptions that will trigger automatically.

Nurture your prospects: What do your buyers need at any given moment? An onboarding drip to get them set up for success? Helpful content from a marketing newsletter? Nutshell’s Constant Contact integration ensures that the most relevant information hits your contacts’ inboxes when they need it.

What it does

Nutshell’s Contact Contact integration allows you to send individual contacts or groups of contacts to your Constant Contact account with the click of a button, transferring their name, email address, company, job title, phone numbers, street addresses, and up to 25 custom fields.

If you’re a Nutshell Pro customer, you can automatically add leads to Constant Contact email lists at any stage of your sales process, and even send them separate customer vs. nurture lists when leads are won and lost. Learn more at our help center.


You must have a Constant Contact account, starting at $20/month. (Nutshell customers get 15% off at this link.)

Set it up!

1. Visit Setup > Integrations
2. Click Enable in the Constant Contact section
3. Sign in to Constant Contact in the window that pops up and click Allow

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