Our native integration with Intercom automatically creates people records from website chats, syncs your conversations to Nutshell, and turns web chats into reportable activities.

Nutshell is an all-in-one CRM and email marketing platform that helps B2B organizations work together to win more deals. Intercom is a leading customer messaging platform that helps businesses generate and qualify leads, engage customers, and provide personalized customer support at scale.

With this two-click integration, Nutshell will automatically add a person when you complete an Intercom chat with a web visitor, sync the transcript to their Nutshell feed, and log the chat as a new activity (which you can then report on using our powerful activity report).


Save time: Syncing your web chats to your CRM eliminates the need to manually type in new contacts or copy-paste chat conversations into your customer records. Plus, having your Intercom web chats stored in Nutshell means you won’t have to switch back and forth between tools anymore.

Teamwide customer insight: By storing all your web chat conversations where your sales and service teams can reference them, any member of your team can get full context on a customer relationship.

Insight into web chat effectiveness: By reporting on your web chats as an activity type, you can understand how often your front-line team is engaging with website visitors and how those chats relate to sales outcomes.

What it does

With the integration installed, Intercom will automatically create new contacts in Nutshell from chat interactions, and add the chat transcript including your own team member’s replies. Intercom chats will also be recorded as a “Web chat” in the activity report.


You must have an Intercom account (starts at $79 per month).

Click here to set it up! Hit the “Enable” button next to the Intercom integration; you’ll be sent to Intercom to approve access. Click “Authorize access” and you’re done!

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